Sounds From The Undergrowth.

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Scrobarnach means “undergrowth” and its a handy way for the guys behind next weekend’s field antics to signal their festival’s intentions. We asked them to send on three track three tracks from artists performing over the weekend to give us a sense of what its all about.


1. Colman Buckely – All Over

This first of our essential selections is from Westmeath’s homegrown Colman Buckley, of Local Talk and Traveller Records. Colman will be playing our “Disco Brunch” at 4pm Saturday on the mainstage.

We picked “All Over” as its deep and dubbed out, yet danceable, analogue vibes are the foundation of our flagship stage. From this foundation dancers can expect to be taken on a trip/journey through Disco, to House, to Techno Electro and breaks, with a strong focus on variation of acts/styles, all programmed in a coherent manner to keep revelers glued to the speakers.


2. Dublin Duo Wob.



Next up we have Dublin duo WOB who are performing twice throughout the weekend (on the Spiorad Óg and IUS stages). WOB infuse live Drum & Bass with Electronica influences, through combining drumming with synths and friends (as stated in their bio). We aren’t going to lie, WOB have become one of our favourite Irish Electronic bands after an electric performance at our one night Good Friday event at the start of the season. The combination of melodic and upbeat sounds in “Orient Express” encompasses our varied, yet niche, taste in music.


3. Twoc Ft Aminah Dastan


Last but not least in our essential selection is from Dublin/Sao Paulo artist T-Woc, featuring Irish/Malay singer Aminah Dastan. Hiding In Plain Sight, released on T-Woc’s own label; TnT records, is up there with the best Dub-influenced releases we’ve encountered. Its traditional driven bassline and delayed claps and keys are at home wherever they are played, be it on a rooftop bar in Sao Paulo or in an Irish field. Aminah’s vocals are the cherry on top adding a soulful tinge. We’re big fans of our wholesomely hedonistic experience having soul as well as a bassy backbone to it, as such “Hiding In Plain Site” hits the nail on the head when it comes to a musical representation of the festival.


This year’s festival  will be held in Tudenham Park, Mullingar, on the 12th and 13th of August. Tickets and shizzle over at their website.



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