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Deliveroo drivers and riders in London will be now striking for the third consecutive evening. The strike is in relation to a move by Deliveroo to change riders contracts.


Currently the riders receive £7 per hour plus £1 per delivery, Deliveroo are proposing to change the contract to just £3.75 per delivery with no hourly rate. These contractual changes are similar to those that have already been implemented in Ireland, resulting in staff earning considerably less than then the minimum wage.


On Wednesday, it was reported that Deliveroo sacked 20 of the supposed ‘ringleaders’ of the strike who entered Deliveroo’s head office to discuss the worker’s position.

On Thursday, the Deliveroo drivers received support from the Independent Workers Union,Couriers & Logistics Branch (CLB), who are now negotiating on behalf of the Deliveroo riders to avoid any more victimisation of those engaged in collective bargaining.

In reply to their position of a London Minimum Wage plus £1 per delivery, plus costs, Deliveroo maintain that

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.02.32 p.m.

Here is the riders and drivers response:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.16.11 p.m.

With Deliveroo operating in over 60 cities globally, this could get very interesting, watch this space….

You can follow updates over at the Independent Workers Couriers and Logistics Branch.

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