Dissenting Drogheda.

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While working on a project with Upstate Theatre in Drogheda, Seamus Nolan uncovered an ivy covered wall and found a graffiti tag of Ballsgrove Boot Boys symbol (a V with the three B’s). This led to the investigation of the secret history of how the punk movement influenced Drogheda and gave its youth a critical voice.

Nolan spent many months in Drogheda interviewing people who were involved in the punk community and gathering their stories of dissent including Paddy Dillon who disrupted Sunday mass in the early eighties by letting loose a clutch of hens.

This secret history is documented in the publication ‘Subvert All Power’ Drogheda’s Punk History, in the theatre space of the Droichead Arts Cent which will be launched on Saturday the 27th of August. To coincide with the launch there will be talks of feminist punk culture, 24 hour punk gigs and other goings on. On Sunday 28th there will be a Parade of Dissent including banners, madzers and music through Drogheda and a punk picnic and a free punk concert.

Listen to the story of Droghedas punk history here. See whats going on at the weekend here event page.

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