Lying Rogues.

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Above: A view into the window of the rogue clinic on Dorset St. Taken from the protest event page.


Campaign group Re(al)-Productive Health have called a picket outside a bogus anti-choice counselling service.

The picket will take place at 18.30 this evening beside the Marie Stopes service at number 11 on Berkeley Street. It was announced after The Times published undercover footage of their reporter being falsely advised of increased risk of cancer, future risk child abuse, and detrimental psychological impact as results of terminating a pregnancy.

We’ve been here before with ‘The Women’s Centre’, two years ago a picket took place outside the office which was at the time promoting false information directed at people using the Marie Stopes service next door. A further four years back, Paula Geraghty filmed people demonstrating outside a similar rogue clinic on Dorset Street. At the time they called on the Government to introduce regulation which would prevent these groups misrepresenting what they were doing.

Real-Productive Health have echoed that call, stating

“We are calling for the immediate and appropriate regulation of this sector. We are calling for closure of services that refuse to afford women their constitutional right to accurate information about abortion services outside Ireland, and who lie to them about the effects of a termination of pregnancy.

“Politicians must call a referendum to REPEAL THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT and stop exporting the problem to England.”


For more information on rogue clinics see this report from the Abortion Rights Campaign.

For details on the demo follow this link.


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