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The weekend clubbing guide is back and it’s a jam packed weekend coming up. Some great locals parties as well as a couple of record launches.

Tonight down in Limerick the 909 Crew have Fran Harnett in control to cause a bit of a ruckus. 909 resident Maedbh O’Connor is on support. Two top quality Irish DJs there so get on it if you’re in the area. 

On Friday in Dublin, Daniel Avery and Avalon Emerson will be in District 8. Daniel Avery  is doing a limited European tour before launching his DJ Kicks LP. Emerson is a little bit newer on the block but already has some really nice tracks out. Have a listen to the one above and have a look at where she’s coming from here.

Also on Fridy, This Greedy Pig are launching the new White Collar Boy EP on their label. It’s all going down in the Wah Wah club and is a tenner on the door.  

Over in Hangar, FJAAK will be in the main room while upstairs it’s the eleventh birthday of the Technotic party. They’re recruited Jon Hussey, Fran Harnett and a host of other banging DJs to keep you entertained.

On Saturday the Pear duo are hosting a Christmas party in Wigwam and have invited along Na Gamail Grúbh along with Sage of wherethetimegoes. His WTTG mix is still very, very good. Check it.

Also on Saturday, Repeater crew are back for another daytime BYOB affair, Noid the Droid, Sheepín Dubh as well as Repeater residents will be there. Don’t forget the usual art, photography, with zines and records on sale!

Finally on Saturday, in District 8 Tommy Four Seven and Shifted are on the bill. It will be heavy! 

On Sunday the Sonntags crew are in the upstairs of Whelans as usual. Free in, sweet tunes. Check out what they’re about with their new DDR show. 


Away from da clurb, there is a Magic Pockets gig in the Tivoli Backstage on Saturday as they launch their new LP on Penske Recordings “Volcano of the Bleeding Skies”. While tonight there is another LP launch with The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock in Whelans.


Have we missed anything? Let us know via the comments section.



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