Dark Days.

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It’s the Winter Solstice and the darkest day of the year as receivers Mazars go to the high court to serve an injunction to turf 35 homeless people back out on the streets right before Christmas.


As the #HomeSweetHome goes from strength to strength, crowds of hundreds turned up to support the campaign against the backdrop to the chorus of a steady stream vehicles beeping in support.

From the The Irish Housing Network:

“Apollo House was opened up 5 days ago by housing activists to house homeless people safely. Since the first day it has housed over 35 residents who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. It has seen hundreds of ordinary people volunteer their time and experience to make this building a home for those who need it as well as phenomenal support from all over the country. Apollo House believes this public support has not only turned the building into a symbol of resistance to the housing crisis and its causes, but has drawn on years of work done by different communities to light the spark of a major housing movement in this country.”

Nama appointed receivers Mazars say the building has lost its fire insurance since the occupations started last week.

Watch this space.

UPDATE:  An injunction has been granted to the receivers, but residents can stay in Apollo House until January 11th, the date that a stay of execution was granted.

You can check out our recent piece on Apollo piece here. Photos by Jamie Goldrick.

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