We Need To Talk About The Future Of rabble…

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It’s basically like this. Our twelfth issue came out back in June with a healthy round up of work done in 2016 speaking for itself…

Yet 2017 now stares us in the face like a rabid dog one’s afraid to pass, rabble has been doing some chinwagging about the future. There’s plenty morbid talk of the world at large sure and we’ve been looking at our own place in it all.

#rabble13 is ticking away nicely in the background. Issue plans made and contributors harassed for deadlines. Our video work on things like Shannon warport and direct provision are ratcheting up new eyeballs.

Some of us are round the clock putting the final touches on a feature length documentary that gets its premiere at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival next month. And we just put

rabble’s never had a business model, our raison d’etre was to be found elsewhere – in pushing against the pricks and providing a rare media space on this [REDACTED] isle.

So we’re not hear to moan about how if we had a penny for every minute of time, piece of content or copy we’ve given away for free in the name of rabble, then we’d probably all be…well ya know…

It’s just that we’ve reached something of a crossroads folks. It’s becoming an increasing challenge for a volunteer led publication like ourselves to continue punching at the level we want. We need to find a way to move the project towards a sustainable, structurally sound survival footing that covers all the costs involved.

That includes not just fancy shit like bylines but also behind the scenes stuff like design, distro, editing and emptying the bins.

With that in mind, we stand here in front of the crowd and ask what exactly is it people want from a project like ours five years into the game? What is it (if anything…) that is valuable, worth continuing on with or rethinking?

SO we’ve cobbled together this survey to help us get a sense of the vibe out there and freshen up our own thinking. It’s not that long, and the kettle’s probably boiled now. I hear the flatmate has Twix hidden in the drawer.


Oh if you’ve mates that are into rabble too, then please share the survey with em.

And if you don’t have time to do the survey right now, bookmark it for later. It works real swell on mobile…

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