Notes On Rave In Dublin.

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Some of us rabblers have been squirreled away putting the final gloss on this 100 minute feature length documentary about Dublin’s original rave generation.

What’s it about? Well, I guess it maps the mood and movement of those who caught a buzz for dance music and watched particular cultural explosion happen in the city across the 1990s and into the early 2000s. A measure of rose tinted nostalgia served with a hint of dread.

This has been something of a side project over the past while, hammering away at it in peaks and troughs over the years. Originating as a project in Dublin Community TV, it was “taken home” as it were to try and give it the finish it deserved and shape the story in a way that made sense.

Folk from the rabble team have chipped in at all points to get it across the line, on shoots, taking on the offline edit, chasing broll and mostly ensuring a  “just fucking do the thing” attitude prevailed over doubt and despair.

It’s been a long auld journey and we’re still wrestling with a monstrous export, so fingers crossed we make it. Sure there’s a week left with it getting an airing in The Lighthouse on Friday February 24th and Sunday 26th.

If you are wondering which screening to go to, here’s a few tips: the Out To Lunch crew have Lena Willikens over delivering the good stuff downstairs after the screening on Friday 24th. We’ll be taken over the upstairs room with a rogue’s gallery of folk from the documentary dipping into their record bags as an after party. The Sunday screening has a panel discussion afterwards with peeps from the doc hosted by Donal Fallon of Come Here To Me.

The trailer above features a track from White Collar Boy called Long Walk Home with Gemma Dunleavely on vocals – really nice Balearic tinged stuff, with Lakker coming in and changing up the mood at the end with a burst of warehouse hoover, yes!

You can follow the project at Tickets are available on the ADIFF website


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