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Thousands of marchers blocked O’Connell Bridge for a couple of hours on International Women’s day in an impressive and well executed direct action at our archaic reproductive rights laws. Since we were on strike for the day in solidarity, here’s our belated rundown.


There were also numerous strikes and walkouts all around the country. Despite the government’s foot dragging on the issue, the sun came out, the mood was buoyant and the bridge was slickly and successfully blocked at 12.30. RTE as per usual looked the other way and while our capital city was brought to a standstill, they chose to lead with a statement from the Irish Farmers Association on the price of cattle, no surprises there then.

Given the recent developments coming from Tuam the previous week, the Churches repeated hypocrisy was once again thrown into the spotlight.

Roll on the next day of action.

  Photos by Jamie Goldrick.

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