Make It Medicine.

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New alt-media making crew AlternaTiVe (geddit? Capital T…V????)  went down to the Dail for a looksie and came back with this selection of vox pops from yesterday’s demonstration sphere-headed by Vera Twomey.

Meanwhile, one of our readers Hugh Carroll sent us in this quick report and the snaps above:

“At the demonstration this evening the mood was different than what was reported in the media, surprise surprise. There was lots of emotions, optimism, hope and spirit among the crowd. They wanted a time line and a transparent process. Seems fair.

And most importantly Vera Twomey, Gino Kenny and others just wanted to speak to Simon Harris. Who has rudely disrespected her by not replying to her or other TDs by email, phone or any other request. Instead decided to put up unnecessary barriers outside the Dail and issue a statement at the same time people were demonstrating outside.

Its probably worth evaluating what the intention of their decision to issue a statement rather than walking a matter of meters outside and engaging in discussion with people. He chose to hide in his marble palace, behind Gardai. This seems to a problem with politics in general these days but that’s another story!”

Previously on Fergal Eccles and Beggars took us through the background to Vera’s incredible battle.

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