Calling All Ranters.

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The good folk at the Limerick Spring Festival are setting up a speakers corner at Body & Soul next weekend in one of the areas called The Library of Progress.

It could always make an ideal dumping ground for that friend that’s overly fond of mixing chemical acclerants with Buckfast and can’t stop chewing the ear off ya.

Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

“Now is your chance to stand up on that soapbox and talk to the masses about topics that inspire, motivate, encourage and enrage you. The rules are simple: no issue is too big or small for your 5 minutes of fame, everyone gets to have their say without being interrupted (provided what you are saying is within the law…!) and the stage is for seeking common ground, not confrontation.”

We’re gonna ship them down a few bundles of #rabble13 and some of our stickers, so ya know if your tent gets flooded or you run out of shit paper etc…

What’s the Limerick Spring?  Why! Here’s a handy interview rabble did with the organisers way back in 2015.

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