How High?

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Here’s an in-depth interview with Paul Murphy, filmed just hours after the Jobstown verdict was given. He talks conspiracy and puts the trial in the context of a concerted attack on protest and an insurgent left.

Here’s a taster:

“I do think it points to a conspiracy at some level to stitch us up for false imprisonment, in the first place to try and get prosecutions to proceed by giving false information to the DPP and in the second place to try get convictions. I think the only question, and it remains for an independent investigation to look at is how high did it go? It’s not far fetched to think it went as far as the superintendent who was present on the day. It’s not far fetched to think it goes as high as the chief-intendent  in the whole area, who is a Guard called Orla McPartlin who just happens to be the same guard who refused the then AAA a collection permit a year ago saying we would use it to encourage and commission illegal acts…”

Things are getting murky. Give it a share.


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