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Above: Newspaper reports about Radio Sinn Fein from 1983 taken from the event page.  Activist Maureen Maguire will talk about the beginnings of the station in the Ballymun Towers, getting around Section 31 and attempts by the Gardai to shut them down.

Ah yes, the romance of radio. The permanent revolution of podcasting means everyone (including their granny and last year’s Christmas tree…) is bating out spots on digital these days. This event harks back to a time when crackling into the national consciousness required more than a modem.

From innocuous enough golden oldie stations serving their local hoods to little known Irish connections to the big players like Radio Caroline broadcasting into Britain and alternative stations like Radio Active – lots of ground is set to be covered.

The broader question of Ireland’s ridiculously restrictive broadcasting regime is going to link it all. Something for everyone they say, including a display of memorabilia.

The schedule will see spots from the following panelists:

Eddie Bohan is an historian of Irish Broadcasting. An author, public speaker and television producer on all topics relating to Ireland’s first 100 years of radio. His most recent book published in February 2016 on the story of the use of radio by the rebels during the 1916 Easter Rising.

Simon Maher – founder of Phantom and proprietor of 8 Radio. Simon has a long track record in Irish Radio dating back to the 1980s.

Kevin Brannigan – CEO of Radio Nova, Dublin’s fastest growing music station. He has built the Nova brand during challenging economic period.

Jack Byrne – founder of NEAR Media Co-op .Jack began broadcasting in the early 1980s and has pioneered and campaigned for the establishment of Community Radio in Ireland.

Cathy Flynn – Dublin Digital Radio volunteer & presenter who is passionate about music, radio and independent media.

Alan MacSimoin will be covering the story of off-shore broadcasting . Many of the most famous ships, like Radio Caroline had Irish links.

Caitriona Ni Cassaithe , of the East Wall History Group will introduce the overall event , and will explain the significance of the Sarah Lundberg Summer School and why so many people feel it is important to remember our friend and colleague in this way.

The day is organised under the banner of the Sarah Lundberg Summer School. The event is held each year to honour the publisher behind Seven Towers. She died in 2014.

It’s happening in the Sean O’Casey Theatre from 10 am on Saturday. Make sure to bring your anorak.

Head over to The East Wall History group page on Facebook to find out more.

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