Failing Tenants.

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Above: Some graphics from the Daft Quarterly report.

Strong words from the Dublin Tenants’ Association this morning. They just put out a response to Daft’s latest quarterly report.


They’ve highlighted non-compliance among landlords with legislation around minimum standards and the total disregard to the Rent Pressure Zone legislation.

In a press release, spokesperson Fionn Toland said:

“The government has left it up to tenants to regulate rents. It’s like asking the victims of crime to police criminals – it doesn’t work because the most vulnerable and exploited party in the rental sector is in no position to ensure legislation is enforced”.

The group are calling for a rental register, more stringent penalties and for the Residential Tenancies board to start identifying and challenging landlords guilt of racking up the rent

I’d say you wouldn’t want to hold your breath.

Pick up a vomit bag and dive into Daft’s quarterly report here.



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