Distro Attack

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Howdy, we’ve started breaking down the bundles of #rabble14 and ferrying them around our fair old city. They’ll be going outside the Pale early next week and hitting up the libraries after that.

So if you can’t wait for your rabble fix and are enjoying a stroll about town then grab copies in any of the following locations:

All City, Connolly Books, Bang Bang the Gallery of Photography, The Fumbally Cafe, Bernard Shaw, the Food Co-op, Science Gallery, 147 Delhi and the Lighthouse Cinema.

You can find out more about what lies within the covers on this previous blog.   The last issue moved very very fast, so if you want to guarantee yourself a copy ordering one direct might be best approach and it also helps throws some copper in our meagre coffers.

You can order individual copies to your door via our Big Cartel.  But as always, it’s our fundraising community over on Patreon that really keep the whole show on the road.

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