Glenn O’Brien from Just A Blip’s Best of 2017

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As usual, reissues and unearthed obscurities take up a lot of listening bandwidth but these are top of the class for Just A Blip in 2017.

Ellen Arkbro – For Organ and Brass (Subtext Recordings)

Meditative drones inna meantone temperament stylee. A+.

Visible Cloaks – Terrazzo (Ft. Motion Graphics). (RVNG Intl.)

Opened a door to the Fourth World and now I can’t find my way back.

Lord of the Isles – Parabolas Of Neon EP (Firecracker Recordings)

Melancholic machine music from the consistently correct Firecracker label.

Davy Keogh – Short Passing Game (WAH WAH WINO)

Every song is a winner on this EP, but the title track is too fast, too long, too noisy. Perfect in every way.

Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Whities)

Golden era Warp sounds repurposed into dancefloor gold dust by the innocence of youth.

Gig of the Year: Lanark Artefax’ live debut at Unsound, Krakow.

Deafening lights, blinding noise, infinite fractal pierogi.


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