Platinum Ray from HeatWerk’s Best of 2017

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Juju & Jordash – L-Motion (DKMNTL)

Somehow Juju & Jordash have surpassed themselves with their last LP “Sis-boom-bah!” That’s no mean feat given the strength of their back catalogue. I chose this track L-Motion off the album as it’s the perfect track for an opening set. It’s 4/4 pulse will sound nice and spacey in the club, but the detail in the production and stoney sounding elements means it’s a track that stands up to repeated listening at home too.


Blak Punk Soundsystem – BPS Dub (Future Vision World )

Ron Trent is on a good one every year and 2017 was no different. The Blak Punk Soundsystem 12” was a particular highlight for me. Here it seems to me that RT is channelling a similar dubby vibe to Rhythm & Sound, an aspect I find compelling as I’m also a big fan of Basic Channel’s dub work. One thing is for sure – Ron Trent is still at the top of his game, which given his contribution to dance music, means that he’s a the top of THE game.


New Jackson – After Midnight In A Perfect World (All City)

It’s been such a pleasure seeing Kittser getting further into house music over the years. It’s apparent to me that he’s spent a lot of time working on perfecting his sound and keeping things groovy. After Midnight In A Perfect World is a spacey one. It’s mellow, it burns very nicely and it’s is a real treat to mix with. I guess this record will end up on a few end-of-year lists and it’s wholly deserved.


Lerosa – Le Stelle (Lunar Disko)

Lerosa put out a few deadly releases in 2017, my favourite being his release on Lunar Disko Records. Le Stelle has that easy-breezy vibe that Leo does so well. With a funky-as-fuck bassline, bright sounding drum hits and synth stabs, it’s definitely the kind of thing I like to dance my ass off to in the club. It’s a real party starter.


Dego & The 2000Black Family ‎– The Way It Should Be ( NEROLI)

Dego’s music is always worth checking out. The LP he did with Kaidi this year is a blindingly funky masterpiece. The Way It Should Be with The 2000Black Family is what I’ve picked for this list as it’s another top-notch, and I mean as-good-as-it-gets, 12″ by them. Dego & The 2000Black Family is music for the soul and for the dancers. It’s THE shit.

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