Colin Devine from Ellemeno’s Best of 2017

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Roy Of The Ravers – Don’t Get Caught  (Acid Waxa)

I’ve been a fan of ROTR since his ‘Green Irish Tweed LP’ in 2011, and he released lots of amazing acid lines, but I think this one tops the lot.

Floating Points – Ratio (Pluto)

Every year Sam Shepherd releases a track worthy of my top 5 and 2017 was no different. This 18 minute journey is emotional, spooky, intense and heavy. Probably his heaviest release yet.

Timothy ‘Heretic’ Clerkin – Execute (Ransom Note)

A friend showed me this after hearing Andrew Weatherall dropping it at the start of the year. It’s slow, but still hard-hitting. I’ve played it in far too many sets this year.

Kink – Yom Thorke (Running Back)

Being an avid fan of both Kink and Radiohead, this track naturally caught my attention. It’s as if Kink wanted to make a track after listening to Amnesiac. Can’t argue with that.

The Cyclist – Inhale (Hypercolour)

When I first him drop this track ages ago at the Boiler Room I was dying for the release. The main hook is beautifully driving, then the song blends into a journey with pop elements, for the main hook to return at the end, and it’s nice to include and Irish artist on my top 5.

Best Gig

My gig of the year has to be half Irish, half Swedish band ‘This Is How We Fly’ in Fumbally Stables. I had seen them a month previous in Another Love Story and was blown away. It was early on the Sunday afternoon, so I a little worse for wear, but these guys knocked that right out of me. I have never seen a band grab the attention of a crowd like they did. Everybody was listening, no chatter. You could hear a pin drop. But in a good way, as everybody WANTED to listen. So I had to see them again, and they were even better in the Fumbally Stables.

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