Eddie Galavan from Seems Legit’s Best of 2017

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Helena Hauff – Do You Really Think Like That (Ninja Tune)

Possibly my favoured dj and producer at this moment in time and this particular track off her new EP on Ninja Tune is why. Raw, energetic and not sticking to the what’s hot formula with a heathy dose of acid.

Parrish Smith – The Self Of Matter (L.I.E.S)

Big fan of this track and anything off the Lies label in general. Parrish Smith is a producer I’ve only really started to take notice of this year. This particular track I’m digging with its rolling stabbing bass line, messy drum programming and slight industrial feel to it.

Chase Smith – Sending You Some Lungs (Instrumental) (Apartment)

Really like this track off the new Chase Smith Ep. Played it out a number of times since its release to great reactions, always gets the floor moving.

Murray CY – Slow Spasm (L.I.E.S)

Even though this was released in late 2016 I’m going to included it in the list. Was late to the party with it and have being playing it at every opportunity since I’ve got my hands on it. It’s another raw track off the Lies label that builds and builds ’til at some point in the middle just lets loose and goes nuts.

Tolouse Low Tax – Wooden Words (Antinote)

Something a little deeper and less energetic than the first four tacks but yet a killer track from Tolouse Low Trax.

Best Gig

Gig of the year I’ve been to would have to be Luke Hess at Berghain/Panorama bar in early September.

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