Oisin Meehan from Always Read the Label’s Best Of 2017

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Theme from Q – Objekt

Big fan of this one. Love the combination of breakbeat, and deep house elements. Always goes off! Hat tip to Tom Tatton sharing with me!

Pembe – Jimmy Rouge (Orange Tree Edits)

Was a toss up between this and ‘Litmus Groove’ for my favourite tracks from the delicious Orange Tree series but went with Pembe. Amazing track, such a groove.

Smiling Faces ’95 – One Man’s Quest (World Building)

Cheating a little bit here but it got the repress treatment this year so that’s good enough for me. Old school 90’s deep house with a crackin’ vocal; big big fan of this one.

Dalmar Arbon In The Club – Moscoman (Treisar)

Love this one, really dark tribal vibe to it. Especially love that cowbelly sound (technical I know) would highly recommend for anyone wanting to get weird. Tip!

Get From In Front of Me – Pussy Mothers (Optimo)

Absolute trip from Optimo Music! Cheating again, this is from 2016 but I only heard it last week and it’s dominating my consciousness. Incredible, dark slo mo groove. Seriously recommend!

Gig of the year

Johnny Wilkes of Optimo played a low key gig in the Shaw last week, was the first time in a long time I’d really been wowed by a DJ. Playing new wave, disco, house, breakbeat, tribal, punk, fuckin everything! It was an absolute education.

Listen back to back to Always Read The Label here.

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