Shane O’Meara from Feathers Glued To Your Face, Bringing Firepower’s Best of 2017

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Privacy – U Can Tell (Klakson)

A mixture of old and new electro influences on this killer jam, which still sounds completely fresh. Good to see Klakson back with some new records too.

Nu Era – Octahedron (Omniverse)

It could have been any of the four tracks on this record, or any of the five tracks off the other EP Marc Mac did this year, but we’ll settle on this rusher.

Franck Kartell ‎– Alaska (Bass Agenda)

This album is works really well from start to finish so just listen to the whole thing. Evocative, wintery electro and ambient soundscapes.

Javonntte – Reachin’ (Hardmatter)

Javonntte has been knocking around the Detroit house scene for years without getting props in his own right. That’s now changing. This track is probably the strongest amongst the many he’s released this year.

Chase Smith – Sending You Some Lungs (Apartment)

Obviously Kenny’s my mate, so he played this for me a long time back. Due to the vagaries of the record industry it only dropped towards the tail end of the year but was worth the wait. Like Derrick May and David Byrne stuck in an elevator (lift).

Listen to Feathers Glued to Your Face, Bringing Firepower here.

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