Eoin From Shivers Best Of 2017

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Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet (Running Back)

Lonely planet is the Immersive, heady, balearic debut LP from Tornado Wallace. A total trip from start to finish. An incredibly well rounded and mature album from the Australian producer. Could choose any of the tracks here but ‘Warp Odyssey’ has to be my pick.

Tzusing – 東方不敗  (L.I.E.S.)

Another stand out release was Tzusing’s debut LP on LIES. After a string of great EPs for the label this seemed like a real statement of intent from the Malaysian-Chinese producer. An excellent collision of cold, industrial, EBM tones with otherworldly melody and percussion. ‘日出東方 唯我不敗’ is the tip from me.

Compassion Crew – Habitué (Major Problems)

Technically released at the end of 2016 but I picked it up in January. This might be the most slept on release all year. Like much of the Major Problems back catalogue the entire EP sounds completely futuristic while also paying great homage to the roots of dance music. ‘Habitué II’ is the winner for me but it’s online so have a listen to the equally great ‘Habitué I’

Kris Baha – Autora (Cocktail D’Amore)

2017 was an outstanding year for Kris Baha which culminated in his Autora release for Berlin’s Cocktail D’Amore imprint. Five tracks of expertly constructed industrial tinged tracks with nods to minimal synth electronic, proto-house and Italo. The title track ‘Autora’ could easily be the track of the year for me.

Various Artists – Oz Waves: Compiled by Steele Bonus (Efficient Space)

I could compile an entirely separate list for reissues and compilations- it might have gotten a little out of hand in 2017 but releases like Oz Waves on Sydney imprint Efficient Space remind us what it’s all bout. Ten outstanding, original and completely unheard of tracks from Australia’s 1980’s DIY scene. Andy Rantzen’s ‘Will I Dream’ could have been made this year, so fresh.

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