We’re five years printing now and rabble has established itself as Ireland’s most exciting print media project. Just ask around.

rabble is user-selected from pubs, clubs, independent book and music stores, restaurants, cafes, festivals, art and social spaces.

Our organic distribution network covers all the major towns and cities throughout the island of Ireland, as well making its way over to expat hubs in the UK and Continental Europe.

By advertising with rabble you guarantee that your message will be seen by well over 10,000 discerning and copped on readers in print.

So, What Sizes Do We Offer?

Exact Dimensions

We offer ads in rabble in a variety of spaces and sizes. Just give us a holler and we'll sort you out with something. Please take a look at this PDF file for proper dimensions etc.


A full page is 400e
A 1/6th page column is 75e
A 1/8 horizontal banner is 60e
A quarter page is 145e
A half page ad is  240e
A 1/2 vertical page column is 240e

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About Our Readers.

From Facebook we know that are fans are predominantly in the 25 – 44 age category and are split something like 40% women and 57% men when looked at from the point of view of who our content reaches.

Our biggest followers are spread across Dublin, London, Galway, Cork and Limerick, Kildare and Belfast in that very order.

The vast majority of these are  aged between 18 and 34. With ten percent of those reached by our page being in the 35 – 44 bracket.

Also, for whatever reason Twitter’s insights has them classed as a bunch of jokers and brackets them in the interest category marked “Comedy (Movies and television)”.

We don’t know what that’s about.

Some Stats.

We can tell you some other things about our readers too. Apart from the fact that they are deadly, loyal and the backbone of what we do.

Over time we’ve accumulated 485 responses to a survey. It’s been insightful.

Not surprisingly, copies of rabble get passed around among friends, family and work colleagues. That means our actual readership and reach extends beyond the 10,000 that we print…

A sizeable chunk of people value rabble enough to collect it. Weird, huh?

Here’s what Facebook has to say about where our readership is based. London is a no brainer. It’s a huge ex-pat hub. As is America.

It’s definitely not a shock to us that so many of our readers consider themselves politically active. A huge percentage of them would join a union if they could.

Folk pick rabble up in all kinds of places, who knows where your ad might take you.

Where Ad Revenue Goes.

Running a free alternative magazine carries with it some hefty cost. And we’re not even talking about our own time.

  • Rent is 300 euro a month. We have a space in the north inner city and it’s really become essential to our team work. We were dying on our arse before we got it.
  • We pay 40 euro a month for our web hosting. Mental money. But those big hits cost and we tried every bit of hackery we could to avoid the upgrade.
  • Each print issue costs in the region of 2000 euro. Paper doesn’t grow on trees, oh wait…
  • Distribution across the country costs about 400 euro each time. We ask for donations when folk ask for bundles, but sometimes we have to subsidise the costs when peeps are broke. It’s important to do so.
  • When we say the print issue barely breaks even, we mean it. Reader donations and ethical advertising are fundamental to our model.


We need your support.