The New Telly Isn’t Like The Old.

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Dublin Community TV (DCTV) is proving it’s worth once more with a new series entitled The Live Register. Last night saw the second episode , Life/Choice,  broach the difficult topic of abortion in Ireland, or the lack thereof. Through a very sad set of circumstances the programme was broadcast on the same evening that news broke of the death of Savita Halappanavar at University Hospital Galway following three days of extreme … Read More

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Europe is in shut-down. Across Europe cities are in revolt. Transport is closed. Services have stopped. Police are tooled up. Spain, Portugal, Greece of course but right through Belgium, France, Switzerland there are demonstrations of support for European partners hit hardest by Austerity. The co-ordinated Europe-isation of the debate against ‘Austerity’ is a new departure for the peoples of the union. This could be a game-changer, what is called a … Read More

The Dublin House – Why Not Add A Co-operative Punch?

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Some fluffy ideas over in the Irish Times today on building a better Dublin. Of the more interesting ones is Ali Grehan’s Dublin House idea. The video above gives more on it. And here’s a link to the council published concept drawing. With not much thought on how such schemes could be funded, is there room for a co-operative housing model to be introduced along side it? Seems to work … Read More

That’s Not An 808…

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MR-808 – mechanic drum robot from Sonic Robots on Vimeo. This is an 808. Definitely the most impressive drum machine we’ve seen all year.

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[Comp] Win Some Richter Collective Swag.

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So with the Richter Collective’s farewell party coming up on November 24th, it’s really the end of an era in the Irish indie community. rabble got its grubby little hands on some stock from the label and will raffle it off to one of you lot.. Just fill out our survey here and it could be all yours. We’ll notify the winner by email next Wednesday. The swag pack contains … Read More

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[Mob Rule] Your Chance To Have Your Spake.

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Roysh, us rabblers are being total little busy bees at the moment and readying our fifth issue for the printers. In issue 4 we had a new section called Mob Rule – a bog standard letters to the editor yoke. In it we harvested a lot of your feedback and online comments from our past four issues and printed them. So, if you are too lazy to write a proper … Read More

A Class Act.

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Soundmigration has some pertinent questions for the country’s political journo class. He’s got a lengthy enough post over on his blog where he takes a meat cleaver to the Irish Times’ coverage of the IFSC Clearing House Group. Reality maps too closely onto satire it seems. Is this retreat into personality as politics and politics as successive pseudo-entertaining events because current mainstream journalists lack the space to develop their own … Read More

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#rabbleReels: A Joyful Slog On

In Blog, Culture, Filmby rabbleLeave a Comment is a rather brilliant peer-to-peer network that has been allowing independent film makers reach out to large international audience for some time. Dublin Community TV’s A Joyful Slog documentary has released their masterful manifesto for the Dublin indie scene there. The great thing about Vodo is how it lets you throw some change the way of the film makers too. With the spin off TV series Community of Independents … Read More

The Session Pixies: rabble’s Holistic Living and Lifestyle Gurus.

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Winter is coming, and loads of hefty fuel bills as you heat a poorly insulated, damp, rented gaff from a minted landlord who probably has under floor heating and triple bleedin glazing in his McMansion down culchie land. So, roll on the 8th of October when those in receipt of Fuel Allowance will get an extra 20 quid per week with their Social Welfare payment for the following 6 months of Irish Winter.