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Back To The Old School.

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  Dublin Old School became something of an automatic rabble favourite when we stumbled upon it at the Electric Picnic a few years ago. It’s back for a short run in the Project Arts Centre this week. So, take a look at this interview with Emmet Kirwan from #rabble9 if you need convincing and grab yourself a ticket while you can. See yiz there.

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#takeFive: Dublin’s Top Five Bougie Areas.

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Dublin is being socially cleansed of rabble like us, either through the pressure of emigration or having to hightail it to the ‘burbs over rackrent prices. These days the meeja, politicians and other muppets declare the rise of the Celtic Phoenix, while landlords write letters to santy asking for another bubble. As the Harboisation of large swathes of the city continues, we’re pinning our hopes on third generation really existing … Read More

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Nazi Dancing Girls Gatecrash UKIP Conference

In Blog, Culture, Humour, Politicsby Darragh Lynch11 Comments

According to various websites today, a troupe of Nazi dancing girls and a 16 tonne WWII tank rolled into Margate in Kent, with ‘Springtime for Hitler’ blaring from the turret, to welcome UKIP delegates arriving for their spring party conference. It turns out that the group were promoting a production of ‘The Producers’ by Mel Brooks, which is on tour in the UK at the moment, but went out of their way to … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble9

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Festival season is over so there’s no more pissing on other people’s tents for this pair of reprobates. winter is coming and that means foraging in the reduce to clear aisle while you pricks bend their ears. Dear Session Pixies, I am in a muddle. I love two men. One is my ex.-boyfriend who wants to come back to me, the other is my current boyfriend. Both are lovely men, … Read More

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#TakeFive: Dublin’s Plushest Piss Stops.

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  It’s happened all of us at some point or another. Nature calls and you’ve nowhere to go. You try a pub and some smarmy wank-badger at the bar points at the ‘toilets are for customer’s use only’ sign. Time is running out and your choices are slim. You can either soil yourself or resort to the depressing shit-smeared stainless steel jax in McDonalds. Well, fear not! We have compiled … Read More

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#Gombeen9: Cardinal Brady.

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It wasn’t with much regret that we waved goodbye to Sean Brady. Throughout his long reign of church cover ups he withstood one resignation call too many before finally handing in his notice to papa bear in Rome. Brady was a proud chink in the rusty chain that the church has wrapped around the uteri of Irish women. In 1975, it was with zeal that, rather than inform the authorities, … Read More