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Here Popey, T’is Time For Me To Retire.

In Blog, Humour, Illustration, Politicsby Paul Doyle4 Comments

A few days ago, his most arseholey eminence Cardinal Brady offered his resignation to the big papa priest in Rome. Survivors of sexual abuse urged a speedy acceptance but we’re still left waiting for the pope’s sign off. Frustrated with waiting, Paul Doyle turned his imagination to the contents of Brady’s resignation letter.       Dear Pope, It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I must today request that you … Read More

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Dent Pride: Fears Father Dougal’s Brother Intends To Picket Dublin Pride.

In Blog, Humourby Fedayn23 Comments

An ultra-conservative Christian organisation called The American Society for Defense of Tradition, Family and Property are in Dublin this week  and there are fears they plan to picket the Dublin Pride Festival. (apologies for the Dougal quotes, we couldn’t resist). The organisation appears to be the parent body of an Irish group named Irish Society for Christian Civilisation. The ISFCC promotes rosaries against abortion and seems to be heavily invested in the … Read More

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Comic To Catalonia.

In Blog, Humour, Politicsby Rashers Tierney5 Comments

Hilarious comic strip mashing together the more readily satirized aspects of contemporary anarchist culture with vignettes from the Spanish Civil War. If George Orwell was updating Facebook during his time in Spain,  then this would be Homage To Catalonia given a total derailing. It puts us in mind of Great Moments In Leftism. Certainly the same school of vitriol mixed with love.  See more over at deviantart.

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Gombeen #8: Paul Williams & Paul Reynolds

In #rabble8, Gombeen, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby rabble13 Comments

  For their consistent and dogged determination in spinning crime to fit the warped narrative of Garda HQ we’re splitting the award between the two Pauls. Both of course are well known to the Gardaí. The Tosser and The Hyper. Williams’ stock in trade is the late 70’s shtick, coppers sliding across car bonnets, kicking down doors and shouting “‘E’s got a shooter!’ and “‘Ave it, you caant!”. Reynolds gets … Read More

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We Got That LADitute

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Humour, Politicsby rabble1 Comment

Us Free Staters are generally clueless about schtuff up North. But even the Jackeens on the ironic moustache circuit couldn’t miss the flag protests in late 2012. LAD hit the headlines with its creative trolling. rabble asked them for the low down. LAD was founded on December 10th 2012 as a response to the Fleg protests which had been instigated by the Ulster Unionist and Democratic Unionist Parties (UUP & … Read More

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Sewer Blocked By Large Pooh

In Blog, Humourby MourreLeave a Comment

Scottish Water has launched their new campaign after it said it dealt with more than 40,000 blockages in the drains and sewer network. Most of these blockages were caused by cooking oil, nappies and baby wipes being put in sinks and toilets. But there’s more… Some of the objects found in Scottish Water sewers: