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Danny Dyer And The ‘RA

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Willie Frazer has been leading calls for the BBC to apologise for having a ‘GAA jersey’ appear on an episode of Eastenders. As it happens the jersey is a school jersey that represents St.Patrick’s College, Ballymena in Rugby as well as other codes. But facts aside the man who led the ‘Flag Protests’ and his supporters are doing their nuts. Here’s the complaint page if you’d like to join Willie … Read More

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Look Back In Anger

In Blog, Culture, Humour, Politicsby Mourre9 Comments

[su_youtube url=””] Senator Eoghan Harris (appointed by Bertie Ahern) continues to write for the Sunday Indo. It’s almost as though we get the journalists we vote for. We’re revisiting the recent past in the next few weeks with similar vid clips that have slipped from our collective consciousness. Lest They Be Forgotten. Ursula Hannigan: But is it ok for politicians to take money from businessmen? Eoghan Harris: But where’s the … Read More

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#outBeyond: Bigot Steak With A Side Of Hate

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Meet Gary James, owner of America’s most bigoted ‘restaurant’. Since appearing on Oklahoma news having banned a disabled customer (who had no problem with the racism and bigotry before his injury), Enid’s best diner – Gary’s Chicaro Club – the tin shack on the outside of town has been making more news than in it’s previous 40 years. Gays, muslims, blacks, hell even Democrats are not welcome and he has the … Read More

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#goggleBox: Bonus Street

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Times are good on Bonus Street although drug taking and paranoia are high. Most of these people don’t have a job and now they’re having to learn how to get by on even more money than before. Benefits Street, that hugely controversial show on Channel4 in the UK, purports to be a fly-on-the-wall look at a Birmingham street populated by the feckless underclass. However, working families that were followed for … Read More

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Change Comes From Those With Nothing Left To Lose.

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On the off chance that you may find yourself in any doubt whatsoever as to the fact that political parties are naught but refuges for vile shit-spewing serpents, Scratch That Itch lays things straight. A New York governor once said, ‘You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.’ This little titbit may prove a useful anecdotal conversation-piece for the youth of our nation. Especially since the recent budget which directly … Read More

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#rabbleLols: UKIP vs BNP We All Win

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Clive Jefferson, the BNP’s treasurer, publicly harasses UKIP leader Nigel Farage as he goes for a coffee. BNP and UKIP are both standing in a parliamentary by-election on 13/2/14. The by-election is for the Wythenshawe seat and the BNP is putting as much effort in to the campaign as it can. One highlight is the BNP speaker complaning about UKIP ‘violence’. A case of the dog calling the cat hairy … Read More

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Gombeen #7: Jay Bourke

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Regular rabble readers may remember immaculately coiffured Dublin ballbag Jay Bourke during the well documented troubles regarding the windup of his Shebeen Chic venture some years ago. Mr Bourke landed in hot water after irregularities emerged surrounding the timely payment of rent for the South Great George’s Street premises. The restaurant/bar was shut down eventually, after a long protracted battle in the High Court over €92.000 of unpaid VAT, and … Read More