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Fight For Your Write: An Interview With Fighting Words.

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  Fighting Words is a creative writing centre based in the north inner city. The centre offers free creative writing workshops and courses to students of all ages. Mice Hell explores the project’s core ethos that “creative writing is an essential part of every child’s education.   Why did you choose the name ‘Fighting words’ for the project and what does it mean? The name was chosen by Roddy Doyle. … Read More

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An Interview With The Joinery: “Staggering On Is Not An Option.”

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  This pioneer of Dublin’s independent arts spaces, that now dot the city, is facing a tragic closure. Unless of course, people reach deep and get behind them. We caught up with two of the founders over email. Firstly, what is The Joinery? How did it start up and looking at the project now, is it in a place you’d have seen it evolve to when setting out? The Joinery … Read More

It’s Time For…

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A fireside chat with rave ledgebags Altern8… Here’s a great podcast with Mark Archer about the early days of faceless techno bollox and the rise of breakbeat hardcore. Even though it had only been two years, because the music was moving so fast people wouldn’t be playing it in clubs. Whereas now you can play a tune from ten years ago and if it still sounds good, it will fit … Read More

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Broken Song: An Interview With Director Claire Dix.

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  Broken  Song is an observational journey into Dublin’s growing Northside hip hop scene. Rashers Tierney caught this interview with director Claire Dix. Filmed in dramatic black and white, the documentary showcases the poetic lyricism of the Working Class Records camp, and how it relates to their own hopes and backgrounds.  It premieres tonight at the JDIFF, so at this stage you’ve probably missed it. It’s definitely worth keeping an … Read More

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LGBT History Month And Walking Tour.

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It really is a year of commemorations. While 1913 is dominating most of the discussions we’re party to, there’s a few more historical moments worthy of attention too. 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Dublin Pride parades, and it’s also the 20th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality here. Yes, that’s right folks 1993…Jaysus. That’s a date that would shock you, were we not all left recently grappling with the … Read More

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Postcards from the Parish Pump

In #rabble5, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Editionby Barry Gruff4 Comments

The Irish Election Literature blog showcases the perverse nature of opportunism and spinelessness which runs deep in many who court our vote. Barry Gruff finds out more from its curator Alan Kinsella. It is fair to say most people don’t hold on to election flyers and leaflets for too long, before filing them to the nearest bin. This is not the case for Dubliner Alan Kinsella, who has been studiously … Read More

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You An Excuse?

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Eat Your Children TRAILER from Stinging Hornet Films on Vimeo.   We’ve all had barstool conversations about our nation’s compliance with austerity, now someone has decided to make a film about it. rabble caught up with Treasa O’Brien of Too Good To Resist, as they run into the last nail biting days of their appeal.   Okay, so first up – can you give me some idea of what motivated … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Wally Cassidy

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We asked the street photographer for a few words. Here’s what he had to say… I used to do a lot of street photography back then and you’d go wherever the big crowd was really. The market, the GPO – there was always republican protests on there, Dessie Ellis that kind of thing. Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt sparked my interest of course but it was really Podge O’Farrell. He took … Read More

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An Interview With Come Here To Me.

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 We started CHTM! at a perfect time when blogging, social media and the idea of User Generated Content (UGC), I think, really exploded in popularity. Blogs began to be taken more seriously, Facebook offered the chance for websites to set up their own ‘pages’ for their fans to engage with and people working in history and archives began to see the benefits of utilising social media for crowdsourcing etc. We also appeared at a time when more and more older people, whether Dubliners or ex pats, started to use the web and digitize their old photos and vinyl records. At the start of 2009, there were 400k Facebook users in Ireland. It’s close to 2.5m now.

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License To Pill…

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The media leapt on the story, falling over themselves with delight at having a “new” chemical nasty to castigate – conflating MDMA and PMA in the same breath as if it was a new party sensation. This ignorant whoring for headlines has the consequence of making recreational users just go ‘meh’ to a media that cries wolf at every stage in the drugs debate. Remember the mephedrone hysteria?