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A Magdalene Story

In #rabble7, Highlights, Historyby Ronan Burtenshaw8 Comments

Ronan Burtenshaw interviews Martina Keogh – a survivor of the Gloucester (now Seán McDermott) Street Laundry – about her experiences of incarceration and forced labour at the hands of the Church and state. Martina Keogh was sixteen when she was arrested for fighting in 1966. Originally from Whitefriar Street in the south inner-city she spent much of her childhood in institutions or struggling with a sexually-abusive step-father. At her court … Read More

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Turkish Protests: Sixth Death as Struggle Renews

In Blog, Highlights, Politics, rabble Updates!, Uncategorizedby Ronan Burtenshaw1 Comment

On Monday the mass protest movement in Turkey was given another martyr. 22-year-old Ahmet Atakan died in a confrontation with police in the Armutlu district of Antakya in the southern Hatay province. Protestors and witnesses say he died after being shot in the head with a gas canister. The local governor’s office and state TV deny this, saying he fell from a building. Selim Matkap, head of Hatay’s chamber of … Read More

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Under The Influence

In #rabble5, Culture, Highlights, History, Politicsby Simon Price7 Comments

Since 1833, legislation on intoxicating liquor and associated socialising has always come at the behest of special interest groups such as the Church, the Vintners, Dev or the supermarkets. Simon Price looks at what we’re up against. The last ten years have seen government legislate NAMA and bank bailouts to the ruination of the country while any moves to alter the status quo surrounding Irish nightlife have met fierce resistance … Read More

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You An Excuse?

In Blog, Film, Highlights, Interviews, Politicsby Rashers Tierney7 Comments

Eat Your Children TRAILER from Stinging Hornet Films on Vimeo.   We’ve all had barstool conversations about our nation’s compliance with austerity, now someone has decided to make a film about it. rabble caught up with Treasa O’Brien of Too Good To Resist, as they run into the last nail biting days of their appeal.   Okay, so first up – can you give me some idea of what motivated … Read More

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An Interview With Come Here To Me.

In Blog, Culture, Highlights, History, Interviews, Politicsby Rashers Tierney4 Comments

 We started CHTM! at a perfect time when blogging, social media and the idea of User Generated Content (UGC), I think, really exploded in popularity. Blogs began to be taken more seriously, Facebook offered the chance for websites to set up their own ‘pages’ for their fans to engage with and people working in history and archives began to see the benefits of utilising social media for crowdsourcing etc. We also appeared at a time when more and more older people, whether Dubliners or ex pats, started to use the web and digitize their old photos and vinyl records. At the start of 2009, there were 400k Facebook users in Ireland. It’s close to 2.5m now.