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How-A-Ya Horse?

In #rabble10, Blog, Print Editionby Jamie GoldrickLeave a Comment

Jamie Goldrick dons his rain gear and heads out for a very wet early morning start to Smithfield Square. There he finds a controversial and almost ancient event. One that lures hordes of camera wielding tourists yet divides public opinion and finds itself being pushed out of the city. There’s been a couple of incidents at the horse fair over the past few years which stand out. A man was … Read More

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Same Shit, Different Party.

In #rabble10, Blog, Politics, Print Editionby Oireactas RetortLeave a Comment

Oireachteas Retort picks apart the hype and bluster of Lucinda Creighton’s Renua to reveal a brand that is nothing more than a reheated bowl of the same political tripe she claims to have left behind. It will come as unwelcome news to many of you but there are not just one or two – but three Lucinda Creightons. First, there is Lucinda Creighton. A woman from Claremorris, County Mayo. A … Read More

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#FallonsFables: Iveagh An Idea!

In #rabble10, Blog, Illustration, Print Editionby Donal FallonLeave a Comment

As rents continue to soar and more and more people become locked out of the housing market, Donal Fallon takes us back to the lofty co-operative housing schemes built for workers by the corporations of Dublin and weighs up their experience against similar ventures abroad. In his wonderful oral history of the Dublin tenements, it was pointed out by one wise lady to Kevin Kearns about the tenements of the past … Read More

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Where Everybody Owns A Share.

In #rabble10, Blog, Print Editionby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

The media vaunts tech gurus and metric driven social entrepreneurs as elevated beings with cures for all our ills but cooperatives have been answering our needs for a lot longer. Rashers Tierney sets out, dictaphone in hand, and finds a form of community led organisation that brought life to derelict parts of the city, wades in against rural isolation and keeps boozers open in Britain. Most of us have some … Read More

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Winning The Water War.

In #rabble10, Blog, Print Editionby Seamus L. MooreLeave a Comment

From the rivers to the sea communities all over Ireland are mobilising, organising and getting off their barstools and onto the streets thanks to the quango that is Irish Water. Seamus L. Moore chatted to those at the heart of the uprising. 5.45AM Stoneybatter, it’s pitch black out and below freezing, 30 local activists haul their asses out of bed and make their way up to their meeting point on … Read More

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#lookup: Chq This Out.

In #rabble10, Blog, Print Editionby Chris McCall 1 Comment

Chris McCall takes a look at a free jacks on the North Quays and provides us with a complementary parable on the state we’re in. I found myself on the North Wall during daylight with an hour to kill and a bladder to empty. I decided to look in to the CHQ Building for the craic. There wasn’t any, but at least I didn’t have to pay to use the … Read More

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#theRant: Keep It Up!

In #rabble10by rabble2 Comments

As we sit here scratching our heads in bewilderment at the fact that we managed to make ten of these ridiculous fucking things, when we never even knew if #rabble1 would get past our late-night, round-table, mashbag discussions, this fucking madhouse of a country becomes increasingly unpredictable, leaving us to wonder if, just maybe, it is all still to play for… Shit’s gone wonky, there’s no doubt. Chunks of land, … Read More

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#sceneReport: A Thriving Techno Underground By The Suir.

In #rabble10, Culture, Music, Print Editionby Paul Herincx16 Comments

It’s no surprise that the commercial charts dominate Waterford’s clubs, yet the city is full of passion for music and several alternatives do exist. Paul Herincx brings us to the heart of a thriving techno scene, a family of producers and one sound system that keeps it all alive. While international house bookings follow one another and fill the local clubs, Waterford is also home to a varied palette of … Read More