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Take Five: 1916 Crass Cash Ins.

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While the regime tried their damnedest to depoliticise and adapt the centenary of 1916 to their own ends, the Blueshirt class of shopkeepers and bankers were found once again fumbling in their greasy tills, Shucking history for a few pennies over the odds. Let’s starry plough through some examples. 1. Connolly Shot Glasses Carroll’s brand of sheep clutching, flat cap wearing Guinness swilling leprechauns is hardly going to turn its … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble12

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You told yourself you were going to lay off the sesh for the winter. It’s june, and you’ve been on the yokes every weekend since November. They may not be able to replace your serotonin, but the Session Pixies can offer some advice for all those trivial demented conundrums you find yourself in. Dear Session Pixies, Something’s wrong with me. Ever since I came up on Sandymount Strand on my … Read More

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A Quickie With February And Mars.

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Simon Price sat down with Galway’s February And Mars to talk about their heady brew of intergalactic space funk and psychedelic rock and roll. So Mojuba Records putting out a spacey record from Galway, how did that happen? We were playing the same festival as Don Williams, Drop Everything out on Inis Oírr. He expressed an interest so we passed on some music and he wanted to sign it. He … Read More