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Give Her A Damn Reward.

In #rabble8, Blog, Politicsby Barry Creed7 Comments

Penalty points, GSOC, Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, whistleblowing, taped conversations. These topics are all the rage. Barry Creed wonders why no one is talking about Gemma O’Doherty? Most will know that the former Garda Commissioner described the actions of the whistleblowers as “disgusting”. We know that the whistleblowers came forward with information that hundreds of people had penalty points removed from their licences. But what if the Garda Commissioner Martin … Read More

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Limerick Makes A Move.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Highlights, Interviews, Print Editionby Rashers Tierney2 Comments

There’s far more to hip-hop in Limerick than the Rubberbandit’s codology. It’s roots run deep. Rashers Tierney had a very late night chat with Shane Curtain, he’s the chair of Make A Move – a community arts festival that you should really mark on your calendar. Some of the other rabblers were down at Make A Move last year.  Reports were good. Can you give us the low down on … Read More

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Zero Culture: Limerick and An Excercise In Branding.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Politics, Print Editionby Bock The Robber5 Comments

Being a City of Culture ain’t about the free dinners and photo opportunities. Bock the Robber looks at how the people of Limerick took the power back. We’re three months into 2014 and Limerick City of Culture has finally appointed a director, but that’s only part of the story. It’s surprising how many people think Limerick is European City of Culture when in reality it’s a political ploy. Michael Noonan … Read More

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#Take5: Dublin’s Best Trad Sessions.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Highlights, Music, Print Editionby rabble3 Comments

  FAO all discerning music nerds, acoustic instrument enthusiasts, folkies, traditional culture buffs, or just anyone who’s sick of the forty shades of shite that come spewing in torrents out the doors of every second rate tourist-trap in Temple Bar.   1. The Cobblestone, Smithfield Square. As obvious as it might be, this list would be a big pile of balls without mentioning it. The pub will probably be known … Read More

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All’s loud on the Christian Front

In #rabble8, Highlights, History, Illustration, Print Editionby Donal Fallon2 Comments

  In the 1930s a number of religious anti-communist organisations emerged in Irish society. Donal Fallon profiles the Irish Christian Front, a short lived but influential body. In recent months there has been major debate on the role of religious organisations in public life and discourse, though there is nothing new about conservative Catholic organisations attempting to influence decision makers here. If there was a monster under the bed for … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble8

In #rabble8, Blog, The Session Pixiesby rabbleLeave a Comment

The Session Pixies are on their hols in Wesht Mayo, tucking into a stash of 30 grand’s worth of Jameson they found but they’ve taken the time out from donkey-walloping, pipe-burstin’ and cop-baitin’ to offer some life hacks to you poor misfortunates.     Dear Session Pixies, Does anyone ever actually write in to you? Yours, Eoin Do they fuck, we are now accepting our competitors letters, first up Ireland’s … Read More

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Anyone Buying Or Selling?

In #rabble8, Culture, Illustration, Music, Print Editionby Jamie Goldrick5 Comments

  Outraged at the rates scalpers are charging for Garth Brook’s tickets, Jamie Goldrick rifles through the back pockets of ticket tout culture. The support act has just finished, a fan has been trying to sell a spare ticket to anyone who is looking. A tout approaches, “I’ll give ya 25 quid”. The punter replies, “no thanks”, “who ya going to sell it to then, the support has just finished?” … Read More

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Checkity Check Yo Self.

In #rabble8, Highlights, Politics, Print Editionby Harry Browne3 Comments

  Harry Browne, Author of The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) gives us the low down on defamation, libel & the almighty power of the litigious. Libel is scary. As professional reporters, editors, presenters and producers, libel haunts us. In our every working moment, and in all too much leisure-time too, lurks the fear that we’ve said or suggested something, or we’re about to say or suggest something, … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: Dancing On Narrower Ground

In #rabble8, Culture, Highlights, Music, Politics, Print Editionby Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir5 Comments

Belfast might not be synonymous with sweaty dancefloors and top-notch line-ups, but a fledgling scene has taken root and is dancing to the beat of its own drum. Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir dishes up the ravey gravy. If your knowledge of dance music and Belfast doesn’t extend further than the live news cycle, you might be surprised to find there’s more to it than dodgy pills and drunken teenagers fighting at … Read More