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They Called It Acieed.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Film, History, Interviews, Politicsby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

Rashers Tierney chats to Piers Sanderson. He’s the director of a documentary about the early 1990’s Blackburn rave scene that saw a generation find wholly new uses for warehouses in the hard hit North of England. The presence of Thatcherism hangs heavy in your trailer for your doc. Tell me what life up north was like under her Iron fist? Was rave a political response in a sense or more … Read More

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The Iona Mind

In #rabble8, Politics, Print Editionby Oireachtas Retort12 Comments

Are we living in an Ireland of two halves? One looking towards a future of equal rights for all, free from the clutches of a church bathed in controversy, the other with more of a medieval take on things: anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-choice. Oireachtas Retort investigates the proportions and finds that it appears to be the minority making the most noise.   It would be easy to think of the Iona … Read More

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Gombeen #8: Paul Williams & Paul Reynolds

In #rabble8, Gombeen, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby rabble13 Comments

  For their consistent and dogged determination in spinning crime to fit the warped narrative of Garda HQ we’re splitting the award between the two Pauls. Both of course are well known to the Gardaí. The Tosser and The Hyper. Williams’ stock in trade is the late 70’s shtick, coppers sliding across car bonnets, kicking down doors and shouting “‘E’s got a shooter!’ and “‘Ave it, you caant!”. Reynolds gets … Read More

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We Got That LADitute

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Humour, Politicsby rabble1 Comment

Us Free Staters are generally clueless about schtuff up North. But even the Jackeens on the ironic moustache circuit couldn’t miss the flag protests in late 2012. LAD hit the headlines with its creative trolling. rabble asked them for the low down. LAD was founded on December 10th 2012 as a response to the Fleg protests which had been instigated by the Ulster Unionist and Democratic Unionist Parties (UUP & … Read More

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#rabbleRaker: An Employer’s Market

In #rabble8, Blog, Illustration, Politicsby Shannon Duvall1 Comment

A 2010 study found that Ireland is seventh on the list of countries with the most workplace bullying in Europe. Four years on, is anything getting better? Shannon Duvall has been hearing some stories that suggest not. Defined by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland as “repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others, at the … Read More

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Tell Them Everything

In #rabble8, Blog, Politics, Print Editionby David Flemming2 Comments

  Above: Margaretta D’Arcy leaving Ennis Courthouse. This picture from   Most of you will know a little of who Margaretta D’Arcy is and the ridiculous situation she found herself in. We drafted David Flemming in to take a look at her exceptional life and find out why she is so steadfast on Shannon.   Born in London in 1934 to an Irish father and a Jewish mother of Russian … Read More

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Who Works Here Belongs Here

In #rabble8, Interviews, Politicsby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland has been kicking against the pricks for ten years now. Rashers Tierney sat down for a chat to see how the battle for inclusivity is progressing in the land of a thousand welcomes. rabble has collected anecdotal accounts of the rise of workplace bullying during the recession. Is the hidden sector of Domestic Work an area that is particularly open to bullying and abusive behavior … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Man On Bridge

In #rabble8, Culture, Historyby FedaynLeave a Comment

In issue 8 we look at Dublin’s newest photography project – ManonBridge is crowd sourcing decades of one photographer’s lost work. Martin Ryan bought a couple of unwanted cameras for a quid at O’Reilly’s Auctions. He realised there was a film jammed in one of them and after two days he managed to recover it. “I developed them and faint images started appearing. How do you describe something that’s been … Read More

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The Ombudsman’s False Teeth.

In #rabble8, Blog, History, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Mark Malone1 Comment

An Garda Siochana and GSOC. They don’t like each other, right? You would expect this type of relationship between the police and a body tasked to tackling police abuses and corruption. Immediately after allegations of GSOC’s surveillance surfaced, teeth were bared, fur flew and blood was drawn. Mark Malone takes stock of the scrap. The commissioner and Alan Shatter both came out with statements riddled with half truths. But after … Read More