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Bootboys, Casuals and The Beautiful Game

In #rabble6, Blog, Culture, Illustration, Print Edition, Sportby Donal Fallon1 Comment

The sterility of modern British football stadia – package trips, plastic seats, plastic fans – is a dystopian Thacherite vision of a broken society. The fan is an individual, paying top dollar to be entertained by lowly taxed high net worth athletes who are the playthings of foreign billionaire oligarchs. Donal Fallon says it’s little wonder there has been a wave of nostalgia for the visceral terrace culture of the … Read More

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[Pitch Invasion] World In Motion

In #rabble6, Culture, History, Politics, Print Edition, Sportby Mark Hoskins1 Comment

From Italia 90 to one man and his dog. Mark Hoskins explores what took us from a nation obsessed with the beautiful game to one that has turned its back on the terraces and finds there are dedicated fans determined to wrest control back from the money men. In England, love got the World in Motion and the greatest football song of all time had bucket hats, bingo wings and … Read More

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rabble’s Sunday Sit Downs: More Turkey, An Unearthed Disco Gem, Runners and Delhi Belly…

In Blog, Culture, History, Humour, Politics, Sportby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

Some online writing deserves more than a quick scan. Save these up for that next pensive poo – they’ll be more fulfilling than that Lidl special buys supplement. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.  Producer Zoid was lovingly reunited with his boxes of records after years.  For him they’re  not reminders of flavours of the month, but the wage labour poured into affording them in a golden era of … Read More

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It’s not Prendeville but Corkonians who are racist.

In Blog, Culture, Sportby Fedayn24 Comments

In an interesting twist to the ongoing debate about Neil Prendeville’s latest foray into the immigration debate, UTV has offered it’s support for the controversial shock-jock and blamed Cork listeners for racist overtones. rabble contacted UTV Radio, which holds the broadcasting licence for Cork96FM – Prendeville’s station – following the controversy which was whipped up by Prendeville on Tuesday night when he posted this on the station’s Facebook page – The … Read More

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In USA, Jesus hates the gays

In Blog, Culture, Sportby Fedayn2 Comments

Jason Collins has become the first top-level American professional sportsman to come out as gay. The NBA’s Washington Wizards centre has received words of support from clubs and fellow pros as well as encouragement from the White House. However things took the usual turn towards fundamentalism on American sports channel ESPN. Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Broussard declared that homosexuality (and pre-marital sex) are ‘walking in open rebellion to … Read More

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Never Walk Alone

In Blog, Culture, Politics, Sportby Fedayn3 Comments

Even in death Thatcher divides Britain. Margaret Thatcher tried to remove the working class from the terraces of British football. To some extent she was successful, as to some extent most of her policies aimed at enriching the elite and impoverishing the poor all succeeded. This weekend the divide between the tiny elite, their running dogs and the general population will be highlighted once more. The sporting arenas are being asked … Read More

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It’s my football (club) and I’m going home (and away)

In Blog, Sportby Fedayn5 Comments

Some of us are fans of the footballs here at rabble, you’ll bump into us at Dalymount tonight. During the last few days we’ve also visited Richmond Park and Tolka Park. The Shels crew sent us this video and thought we’d like it. No Al Calcio Moderno Shelbourne fans have set up a supporters’ trust that will see Shels fans young and old able to take part in the running … Read More

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 Bizarre finale to the Atlético Mineiro vs Arsenal (Argentina) Copa Libertadores game sees players and police in a barely contained brawl. With Police lashing out at players and even pulling a gun on them. Authorities said the players will likely be charged after throwing punches and kicking the officers who were trying to protect the referees as the final whistle blew at the Independência Stadium. The Argentines were in Brazil for … Read More

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Football’s Back

In Blog, Sportby Fedayn4 Comments

The football starts again. League of Ireland returns and you should be there. Support your local club, get involved. It’s not just about football. It’s about your community. The kids and the olds, the chips, the banter, slagging the cops and the visitors. The Shed End. The Jodi Stand. The Luas and the train to Sligo. Summer soccer, you’re having a laugh. Half-time pints or cups of steaming tea. Friday … Read More