Chartered Accountants Gets No Credit

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants, which can’t balance it’s books, has decided the best thing ‘going forward’ is to fire 11 staff without notice. Funnily enough they’ve been hiring other staff since June, isn’t JobBridge FANTASTIC? Some of the staff to go have been with the ICA nigh on 30 years. Meanwhile the CEO earns more than the whole lot made redundant do together. STAY CLASSY ICA. Watch another great … Read More

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Snap Happy Saps

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Club photography is integral to Dublin’s nightlife. However the day of an Ian Dickson capturing an event in one classic photograph has given way to the amateur-pap with a Nikon strap draped around their neck machine-gun shooting through the night. Theo Weatherall rues the ascent of the Facebook photoset and demise of the iconic club shots.