Pic: Antrophe. We can’t guarantee the sunshine but…

Thanks to everyone who got in touch regards last minute places for Electric Picnic. We were totally swamped with response and are unable to contact and reply to everyone individually.

We’ll keep everyone on record and give you a shout when we are opening positions for Workers Beer next year.

Thanks again for the support.


Fancy getting down and dirty over the summer to help raise some much needed dosh for rabble? We’ve been accepted into The Workers Beer Company. It’s an old leftie fundraising mechanism ran by Battersea and Wandsworth Trade Union Council. Proper Tony Benn buzz like.

How’s it work?  Well teams of volunteers get free entry to various festivals and work slopping out pints. When ye aren’t inebriating the masses, you can do whatever you want – the festival is yours. Best of all, you get free meal and booze vouchers at the end of each shift.

If it’s an over night affair, there’s secure camping provided, special showers and a subsidised canteen. Transport to and from will also be provided.

Some of us rabblers even did it ourselves back in at the day at Poxegen for the Rossport Solidarity Camp. It was a right old lol. Just fill out this application and we’ll be in touch. Closing date is April 19th.

So be quick. Safer than hopping fences innit.