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The X-Files

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Caroline McCamley is a women’s rights activist who served as chairperson of the Dublin Well Woman Centre and the National Women’s Council of Ireland. She talks to Rónán Burtenshaw about her involvement in the abortion campaigns of the 80’s & 90’s. What was your first exposure to the politics of abortion in Ireland? I was a feminist in the early ‘80s but the ‘choice’ issue didn’t really come up for … Read More

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They Came In Their Thousands: A Quick Round Up From Taksim

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After more than a week of absence police arrived at Taksim Square this morning shortly after 7am local. This offensive prompted a day of battles in central Istanbul, which continues as midnight approaches. Reuben & Gielty filed this dispatch using a phone. They came in large numbers – probably more than a thousand in the morning, definitely more than that by afternoon. Their stated objective, endorsed by the Prime Minister, was to retake the square … Read More

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Battle for the Banliyö

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The explosions of flash-bangs echo around concrete towers of flats. Police fire tear gas and water cannon into crowds. The crowds reply with rocks and molotov cocktails. Plumes of smoke rise from bonfires as young men march with shields to the barricades. Saturday night in Gazi Mahellesi couldn’t feel farther from the festive atmosphere of Gezi Park. Reuben & Gielty investigate: This suburb in the north of Istanbul has seen … Read More

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Striving For The Forbidden: The Turkish Uprising and The Unions.

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Tuesday June 4th saw the first organised union participation in the Taksim Uprising. What had been scheduled as a strike against neoliberal reforms by teachers’ union Egitim Sen before the mass protests became a two ­day general strike against state violence by two major confederations.  Our journos on the ground, Reuben and Gielty, filed this earlier today. The largest union mobilisations came in Taksim Square, Istanbul and the capital Ankara. They were … Read More

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Fortress Taksim

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  Fortress Taksim. Reflection and reenforcement after days of chaos and drama. Our reporters Reuben & Gielty take to the streets of Istanbul to find out more about the protestors and their supporters. Monday in Gezi Park saw the protestors fortify the camp and evaluate the progress of the Taksim Uprising. Internally, measures were put in place to strengthen the autonomous structures of the liberated space while on the outside … Read More

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A Tale From The Taksim Anti-Mall Mobilisations

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Reuben & Gielty25 Comments

Bellowing foggy clouds of tear gas choked the early Istanbul morning of the 30th of May, as police clad in paramilitary riotgear stormed Gezi park in Taksim. Reuben & Gielty have this report from the front lines.   (This article was written pseudonymously by Irish journalists Ronan Burtenshaw and Tommy Gavin because of safety concerns.) Using a signal dampener to limit internet use and accompanied by a heavily armoured “Mass Incident Intervention … Read More