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Let There Be Houses.

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Back in late October the Campaign For Public Housing burst onto the scene promising a water charges style agitation for that most basic of human needs. Harry Sal Lacey caught up with Eugene Mcartan to see if they tick any differently to the rest of the housing movement. What do you mean by public housing? Is this social housing or affordable housing or both? The difference between social or affordable … Read More

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Failing Tenants.

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  Above: Some graphics from the Daft Quarterly report. Strong words from the Dublin Tenants’ Association this morning. They just put out a response to Daft’s latest quarterly report.   They’ve highlighted non-compliance among landlords with legislation around minimum standards and the total disregard to the Rent Pressure Zone legislation. In a press release, spokesperson Fionn Toland said: “The government has left it up to tenants to regulate rents. It’s … Read More

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The #rabble14 Rant.

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Above The last minute coffee fueled proofing. A lot has happened since the last bumper issue. We’ve a new Taoiseach, we lost a Garda Commissioner and our city is being savaged by vulture funds. So, in true rabble fashion we’ve been sharpening our knives, even our pencils and honing missives about the state of the gombeen nation. We honestly thought we’d have this issue out over a month ago. It just … Read More

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Culture Vultures.

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Above: Ian Hunter captures Smithfield Square over on Flickr. With plans well underway for yet another cultural qwartter in Parnell Square, Kerry Guinan warns us to be sceptical of Dublin city council’s love in with vulture fund Kennedy Wilson after the “culture” evaporated from Temple Bar and Smithfield Square quicker than the steam of piss behind the Hard Rock Cafe on Fleet Street. Past initiatives warn us that culture-led development in … Read More

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The Siege of Bóthar Anam.

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Marcus Maher is a writer and director currently crowdfunding for a short film project that links the current housing crisis to his experiences squatting in Liverpool in the 1990s. Rashers Tierney finds out more. The film is partially inspired by events in Liverpool in the mid-1990s. Can you fill us in on this? The city It sounds like you were right in the heart of some interesting scenes? Were you … Read More

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It’s Time To REIT!

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  Above: Political Moose served up this slice of satirical ink for #rabble13. With monstrous cranes leering over the Dublin cityscape, we can hear echoes of “the boom is back” in every back arsed bar in the country. As far as us rabblers  see it it, it’s not so much an economic recovery as a feeding ground for scavenging bastards like those real estate investment trusts. So, we decided to take … Read More

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What Simon Says.

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  Above: Simon Coveney at a defence symposium in 2015.   Finally, after months of dithering and hanging on like a bad dose of the clap we picked up when we were in a bad place and made some bad decisions back in 2011, Enda Kenny has finally decided to step down. Tomas Lynch takes a look at the heirs to the Blueshirt throne. There’s not much to choose between … Read More

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A Tale Of Bloody-Minded Tenacity.

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When was Pallas formed?

Pallas was formed in 1996 when myself and Brian Duggan located a building on Foley Street. It was an old knitwear factory called Pallas Knitwear so after a bit of pre-ambling about a few different names we decided on Pallas because Pallas was the goddess of the muses, the goddess of intellect and the goddess of war. We knew we were going to be in for a rough ride so we wanted her on our side.

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London heads are using social media to highlight the utter shtate of their rental accommodation by sharing handmade signs, cardboard memes and posters.

Generation Rent instigated the campaign to force the housing issue to the top of the London Mayoral agenda. Unsurprisingly, it’s a litany of high rents, dismal dives and nightmare landlord stories.

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On The Problem Of The Hipster Bourgeoisie.

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The ideological state apparatus has many forms; the anti-working class hipster wing are the most annoying.

So what is this ideological state apparatus? It isn’t as the name might suggest simply some sort of state run propaganda machine a la RTE, although that is part of the process – rather the ISA acts as a much deeper and insidious level of ideological thought running through the entire superstructures of society from family to religion, education and even entertainment.