Anti-choice behind Fr Iggy’s downfall

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Fresh from monumental defeat our old friends turn their attention to dissident clergy. Why lick wounds when the dwindling Irish anti-choice can eat itself? Oireachtas Retort investigates. The spectre of Vatican espionage was a persistent bogeyman in the fledgling Irish state. While events like the 1932 Eucharistic Congress and wider state policy did much to cement Roman hegemony, the eyes and ears of il Papa remained necessary in urban legend … Read More

Wake Up & Smell the Roses

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Deputy Luke Ming Flanagan reads from a letter he received from a priest speaking of the wilderness that carers find themselves in. The ebullient Mattie McGrath follows him with some apocalyptic imagery for the Taoiseach. Hat-tip to Oireachtas Retort via twitter If readers ever feel like a good dose of comedy we recommend the Oireachtas Live link here

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A Critical Chorus.

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While clowns like Tom Barry are selling up their houses over fears property hating communism has come to Ireland in the form of those new housing measures, a more sane criticism grows as people finally digest what the new measures really mean. Among that growing critical chorus is the Dublin Tenant’s Association.  Central to their disagreement is the fact that tenants will basically receive two years worth of rent increases in … Read More

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Same Shit, Different Party.

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Oireachteas Retort picks apart the hype and bluster of Lucinda Creighton’s Renua to reveal a brand that is nothing more than a reheated bowl of the same political tripe she claims to have left behind. It will come as unwelcome news to many of you but there are not just one or two – but three Lucinda Creightons. First, there is Lucinda Creighton. A woman from Claremorris, County Mayo. A … Read More

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Charity Regulator Spells Trouble For Pro-Life & Reform Alliance

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Jim Daly TD accuses Pro-Life charity associated with Reform Alliance of targeting elderly & vulnerable for donations Speaking under Dáil privilege, Jim Daly TD adds to concerns over the Central Remedial Clinic and Rehab scandal with reference to Family & Life, the estranged Irish branch of Human Life International founded by Peter Scully of Youth Defence . The registered charity which refuses to co-operate with SIPO (Standards in Public Office) … Read More