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Gombeen #5: Dermot Desmond

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Out there among the clusterfucks of wholesale financial “products”, Desmond broods over his €1.35 billion fortune and laughs in the face
of the now deceased “Robin Hood Tax” which Consigliere Noonan sorted out recently, ensuring speculative behaviour on the markets will not be be reasonably taxed.. No! That cold, hard cash has to come from Household Charges, Water Taxes and Civil Service Pensions.

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No Justice, No Piece.

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ADW has taken a stanley blade to our post-boom wreckage in more ways than one. carving numerous stencils and hurling well-aimed barrages of humour at the myopic fools that landed us here. We were more than a little peeved to see him getting his knuckles rapped at the Kings of Concrete. Redmonk caught up with him and found out what happened.

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Birthday Party! rabble’s Parish Hall Strictly Vinyl Soundclash! September 22nd, King 7….

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That’s right folks, it’s one year since that glorious first issue of Dublin’s parish newsletter for the pissed off and disgruntled arrived back from the printer. We’ve been very busy bunnies since and feel we’re owed a celebration. To mark rabble’s first birthday we’re inviting a cadre of our favorite local DJs to fight for supremacy in our very own strictly vinyl soundclash.

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rabble Boomtown Banter Battle Entries!

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A wee while ago rabble teamed up with Boomtown, the UK’s maddest festival for a very unique competition. We basically got all you eejits to do enter a wee essay competition about your maddest festival buzzes. The winner got themselves two tickets to the festival. Versions of the stories were used in a roll-the-dice, rabble board game that took pride of place as our centre spread in rabble #4. Thanks to all who took part. And a special thanks to Dara Lynch and Thomas McCarty who broke their balls to sort out the centre fold.

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rabble Ruckus 4: The Return Of Munchi.

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rabble welcomes back the kid with big hair that’s proven to be one of the world’s premier moombahtonistas and tropical bass aficionados. For those of you asking, what the hell is that? Let’s put it this way, expect some seriously wonky riddims and big ass bass to get your money maker shaking. Munchi played our first ever gig in Toners on Baggot St. Despite being plagued by 9 hour flight … Read More

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{Shnakey Taxes} Meet The Minister For Contempt.

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In regards to the household charges currently being introduced, there are a lot of people out there who feel it’s not their problem or duty to take on board such a great responsibility and burden at this time. I say to you, Ireland is at a crossroads and only some of us can afford the car. I’ve been hearing a lot of the Taoiseach and so-called ‘contradictory statements’ made regarding the people of this country. And I ask ‘what contradiction’?

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Too Old For The Playground, Too Young For The Pub.

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Too often young people’s behaviour is rubber-stamped by the media and local authorities as ‘anti-social’. Redmonk talks to a bunch of teenagers in Blanchardstown and finds that they are struggling with the internalisation of their own demonisation. By being force-fed the phrase ‘anti-social behaviour’ they now believe this phrase exclusively applies to youth.