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Soup Kitchens for Students

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn1 Comment

  Athlone IT has set up a soup kitchen for students it says are struggling to get by. The Union of Students in Ireland has said that students are going to college hungry and that students’ unions are giving food boxes to the worst affected. The students in Athlone are amongst 5,575 nationwide still waiting for grants to be processed. Under the new SUSI scheme introduced by Ruairi Quinn, along … Read More

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Let’ s Build A Reader Supported Print Publication In 2013!

In #rabble5, Politics, Print Edition, rabble Updates!by rabble2 Comments

In September rabble turned one. We’re just about getting the hang of things as our team of reprobates grows. The late night work sessions are still there, but they contain less of the nicotine and coffee fueled last minute content generation than before. The standard of our content, both word and image gets better and better. We’re confident that rabble is growing into one of the freshest print publications Ireland has seen … Read More

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[Housing] Rack Rent.

In #rabble3, Blog, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Paul Reynolds4 Comments

Here in the Rabble Bunker we almost feel sorry for the government as it flops around like a hooked fish on the end of an IMF rod. With a kind of reverse Midas touch effect everything they touch seems to turn to shit. A fine example being their attempt at reducing the state’s burden in supporting around half of all rented accommodation through the Rent Allowance Scheme.

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So, What Happened The Three Fs?

In #rabble2, Highlights, History, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Peg LeesonLeave a Comment

The current mess we are in is often explained by an unusual obsession with bricks and mortar rooted in a colonial history. The Irish love to own their own home because those nasty Brits didn’t let us, it’s the spectre of the famine all over again. At best these myths obscure the true reasons behind Ireland’s current economic situation.

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{Housing} Landlord Horror Stories.

In #rabble2, Highlights, Politics, Print Editionby rabble3 Comments

Ah yes, those racketeering parasites that cream it in from your rent receipts while you live in a ramshackle hovel. rabble assembled this collection of tales to chill your spine. “It was so cold that when I plugged in my phone to charge in my bedroom it said ‘will not charge at this temperature’. As it came into Summer, a horrific smell filled the flat; we sourced it coming from … Read More