We’ve chatted for a while about setting up some sort of subscriber based Swag Bag scheme to off set the cost of each issue. Yep, think the beano club ‘cept Dennis the Menace has worse language, scathing satirical wit and a shit day job.

You’ll get a rabble care package with possibly more vitriol than love but hey if you weren’t fit for it you wouldn’t be reading.

What’ll be in the packages? Well, there’ll be as many copies of rabble as you think you can handle plus we’ll be teaming up with designers, artists, record labels, creative legends and generally sound heads to produce one-off items of merchandising.

We’ve sorted the first one of these out. A percentage of your pledge goes towards buying the goodies. Which means the more of you that sign up each issue then the more fun there is to have.

To start with we know bespoke t-shirts, prints and badges are always popular but we’d love to aim big and get ya some one-off pieces of art, exclusive vinyl release, maybe some upcycled pallets, jaysus anything we can get our grubby paws on really.




The #rabble10 Swag Bag costs €45 and contains:

  • A tshirt designed by our very own Redmonk and a tote bag designed by Luke Fallon. Both lovingly silk screened on our behalf by
  • A set of two badges on a nifty little card backer that our Session Pixies advise makes great roach.
  • Some random rabble stickers to badass up your area or laptop.
  • A raffle ticket for a draw to win two Boomtown Festival Tickets.
  • Postage to anywhere in Ireland or the UK.
  • …and as many copies of #rabble10 as you think you can handle.

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