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Batshit Hits The Fan.

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Most rabble readers will be aware of the Burke family of Westport by now. Quoting Leviticus and mansplaining to NUIG’s female undergraduates while demanding removal of rights for LGBT, minorities and women worldwide. Well it turns out that even the Christian Union doesn’t want them, never mind the Students’ Union. While the Westport Batshit Church, as they’ve been nicknamed, have released a statement demanding the cancellation of the referendum on … Read More

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A Warning To NUIG Students.

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NUIG students are going to the polls again this week. Enoch Burke a prominent anti-gay campaigner is conflating paedophilia with homosexuality AND standing for Equality Officer. Last week rabble covered the attempts by Ireland’s Phelps family and assorted bigots to shut down NUIG Students Union support for Womens’ Rights and Palestinian Human Rights. Now the same family are back, running for office and campaigning against Gay Rights. Enoch Burke (pictured top) … Read More

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Ireland’s Phelps Family And NUIG

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  The referenda in NUIG on Choice and the Academic Boycott of Apartheid Israel are being opposed by a disturbing family from Castlebar. The Burkes are seasoned campaigners outside the Dáil, opposing gay rights with placards quoting Leviticus and conflating medical statistics on HIV to ‘prove’ homosexuals invented AIDS. Kathy Sheridan in the Irish Times of July 10th 2010 (behind paywall) featured the Burkes and their kids in a story … Read More