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Just A Few Bad Apples, Yeah?

In #rabble14, Blog, History, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Gemma HylandLeave a Comment

  Above: Kerz knocked it out of the park with his illustrations for this feature in #rabble14. He previously delivered the goods on Stephen Donnelly for Gombeen #13. To see his work in all its inky glory, go cop yourself this article in print.   Nóirín O’Sullivan finally resigned back in September but the Garda scandals just keep on coming. Gemma Hyland delved into some of the more recent scandals in the … Read More

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Catching Up After.

In Blog, Interviews, Politicsby Sean Finnan1 Comment

Above: Clare Daly speaks at a Repeal protest, heavily put through a risograph for #rabble13.  Her fiery speeches led to one of the most viral pieces of media ever rabble has ever put out. Clare Daly has been one of the few, along with Mick Wallace and Luke “Ming” Flanagan, consistently raising the cacophony of corruption in An Garda Siochana even as others around them play willful ignorance and ridicule them. … Read More

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Wallace and Vomit.

In Blogby Fedayn1 Comment

In Leaders’ Questions today Mick Wallace appealed once more for a thorough independent review into what he called the “rotten” workings of NAMA. Amongst other serious claims he said there have been £45m in “fixer fees” by a company that the Government hasn’t disqualified from purchasing the Project Arrow portfolio. Full transcript of above video: I am a little taken aback by the position which the Tánaiste is taking on NAMA. I … Read More

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Wallace Tale of Bagmen Drives Enda BaNAMAs.

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Mick Wallace has upset the cronies with more revelations on the “inner workings of this secret organisation” – NAMA. Addressing the hapless Enda Kenny at Leaders’ Questions today Wallace, who has done for NAMA what Catherine Murphy TD did for Irish Water, claimed that one NAMA insider provided favour for a developer in exchange for €15,000 in a bag. “There are many concerns, Taoiseach around the workings of NAMA. Cerebus … Read More

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Fine Gael 404.

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn2 Comments

Isn’t that what you do during an election? One Fine Gael website has a had a facelift while others have vanished. Prompted by an Irish Election Literature post about Fine Gael’s election victory 4 years ago we had a rummage through some of their archive. All those whizz band dot eye ee websites? Gone. We’ve been here before. The Five Point Plan they were elected on? Gone. Healthcare? Gone. Quangos? … Read More

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With All Due Respect.

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn1 Comment

Labour Minister Alan Kelly has apologised to Independent TD Mattie McGrath for telling him to “Fuck off!” during the debate on the Water Bill last night. Kelly had been in the chamber for 7 hours at that stage so most sane people would probably want to roar that at Mattie by then. It came during a day of more chaos as Kelly refused to stand over figures about Irish Water … Read More

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Zero Culture: Limerick and An Excercise In Branding.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Politics, Print Editionby Bock The Robber5 Comments

Being a City of Culture ain’t about the free dinners and photo opportunities. Bock the Robber looks at how the people of Limerick took the power back. We’re three months into 2014 and Limerick City of Culture has finally appointed a director, but that’s only part of the story. It’s surprising how many people think Limerick is European City of Culture when in reality it’s a political ploy. Michael Noonan … Read More

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Citizens Of Water World

In Blog, Politicsby Oireachtas Retort23 Comments

  Oireachtas Retort takes a look at the people employed to sell you your own water. Remember Citizens, ‘Water Is Free. I Pay For My Water’. Back in January, three years after the Troika’s arrival, the Irish media collectively decided to start caring about water. To their credit, they waited for legislation to pass before asking any awkward questions. Two weeks earlier, on the day Irish Water became law, the … Read More

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No Dough Low Blow, Owners Call The Po Po

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn3 Comments

  The unpaid workers from Paris Bakery have occupied the premises on Moore Street. Gardaí were called and the owner Yannick Forel and staff were spoken to. It seems that undercover Gardaí on site were not going to prevent the occupation of the premises earlier today. Follows the statement issued by workers, see links at bottom for continued updates.  UPDATE: Billy Wall from OPATSI Union (representing the workers) is denied access by … Read More