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Working Class Queeroes.

In Blog, Politicsby beggars1 Comment

This year’s Dublin Pride is on Saturday with big celebrations planned.

Riffing on the main parade’s theme of heroes, some folk are organising a “Working Class Queroes” bloc for the parade. They’ll be mobilising a radical presence “on an otherwise commercial and politically sanitised event”.

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#spareChange: Panti On Film.

In Blog, Filmby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

We’re serious fans of Panti’s trouble making here at rabble. Blinder Films (The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, Citadel etc…) are putting together a documentary about the person behind the public figure and they need you to fund it. A press release that landed in our inbox this morning gave an outline of what’s planned: “The film builds an in-depth picture of a complex and compelling character through behind-the-scenes footage, archive, music and interviews … Read More

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Traveller and Roma Groups Launch Double Pride Poster Campaign.

In Blog, Culture, Interviews, Politicsby Darragh Lynch1 Comment

  Monday saw the launch of a new poster which aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues in the Traveller and Roma communities. Darragh Lynch spoke to Kat Bahramian from Pavee Point about the project. The poster was designed by a group of young people from these communities, facilitated by a collaboration between Pavee Point, BeLonG To and LGBT Pavee, and was timed to coincide with both Traveller Pride week and … Read More

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Checkity Check Yo Self.

In #rabble8, Highlights, Politics, Print Editionby Harry Browne3 Comments

  Harry Browne, Author of The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) gives us the low down on defamation, libel & the almighty power of the litigious. Libel is scary. As professional reporters, editors, presenters and producers, libel haunts us. In our every working moment, and in all too much leisure-time too, lurks the fear that we’ve said or suggested something, or we’re about to say or suggest something, … Read More

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Lesbian Exorcism

In Blog, Cultureby Fedayn10 Comments

 Some say the Divil is dead and buried in Killarney. The Pope is receiving adulation from the International Association of Exorcists for reviving the war on demons. At a conference last week in the Vatican, two hundred exorcist delegates (who function mainly in South American and Eastern Europe, which are plainly more susceptible to demons than the rest of the world…) met to talk about how Satanic cults are spreading like … Read More

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From The Heart

In Culture, Uncategorizedby Shane Conneely8 Comments

Shane Conneely addresses the current issues around homophobia in Ireland from a personal perspective. Me, and my homophobia. I’d long hair as a kid, apparently that made me gay too, or at least that was what would get shouted before I’d get a punch. When I decided to become a young rocker I’d made a decision to stand out, because there is safety in being part of a gang, I’d … Read More

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#soapbox: Dark and Dangerous Rhetoric.

In Blog, Politicsby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

If yiz missed the ‘Speak Out Against Homophobia’ protest over the weekend, then have a lunchtime listen to what people were saying online. Back in August 2012, we took a look at some of the work of BelongTo with young asylum seekers. David Carroll of  the youth group gave this short and stark address: The events of the last few weeks, I can tell from the signs and the t-shirts, how they have … Read More

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Germany A Rainbow Nation

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Fedayn6 Comments

The German Winter Olympics team has unveiled its rainbow-coloured uniform for the upcoming games in Sochi. Putin will only be delighted, as will the Mayor of Sochi who recently declared that there are no homosexuals in his city. (via Steve Wilson AP)

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UKIP Shipping Forecast

In Blog, Humour, Politicsby Fedayn2 Comments

Hilarious parody of the Shipping Forecast which picks up on UKIP councillor David Silvester’s claims that Britain was suffering from extreme weather because God was angered by gay marriage. UKIP suspended Silvester today, although his manic homophobia may go down well with the more conservative Tory voters that UKIP seems to be wooing away from the traditional bigots’ party. UKIP topped a national poll today although people said they would … Read More