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Leo, Actually.

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Above: This one ended up on our front page. An illustration by Mice that eviscerates our glorious leader. Her best yet?   The Blueshirts anointed a new party leader recently and that man is a master of the spin game. Sam Noonan slips on a pair of waders and takes a poke around the slurry pit of our new Taoiseach’s career so far. You’ve heard about the government’s new Strategic Communications unit … Read More

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JTB Challenges The Stigma Around Mental Health.

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We’ve featured JTB’s work in a past print edition of rabble, where it sat alongside an article talking to survivors of the Magdalene laundries. Now she has an exhibition to raise money for Niteline, they’re a listening and support service for students. On Monday September 22nd large blank canvases will be scattered around the walls of Filmbase and she will set about using them to portray her depression. This will all take … Read More

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Here Popey, T’is Time For Me To Retire.

In Blog, Humour, Illustration, Politicsby Paul Doyle4 Comments

A few days ago, his most arseholey eminence Cardinal Brady offered his resignation to the big papa priest in Rome. Survivors of sexual abuse urged a speedy acceptance but we’re still left waiting for the pope’s sign off. Frustrated with waiting, Paul Doyle turned his imagination to the contents of Brady’s resignation letter.       Dear Pope, It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I must today request that you … Read More

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Who’s Your Man On The Box?

In Blogby Rashers Tierney2 Comments

Just as we’d gotten up off our arse and finally uploaded Paddy Lynch’s We Speak In Code from #rabble8 , then up he pops again on Dublin Community TV’s The Generator. We’re blessed with some talented illustrators donating their time to us in rabble. We chatted to Paddy about his Jim Larkin project last year too if you missed it. rabble’s old muckers in A4 Sounds pop up in this episode and … Read More

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Where Are They Now?

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Spotted on someone’s gaff wall. A great poster that nails how are lives are being fed to the banking behemoth. Apologies for the shit phone shot. No one in the rabble bunker was able to recall properly the existence of a paper called The Irish Gutter Press. A certain Andrew Edgar stepped forward and described it as follows: Short -lived (?) “comedy/satire” rag, based outta somewhere in Munsterland, iirc, and … Read More

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Up Up And Away: What’s Going On With Dublin’s Property Prices?

In #rabble7, Culture, History, Illustration, Interviews, Politicsby Stephen Bourke13 Comments

With everyone seemingly going ga-ga over the rise in house prices, it’s like Ireland has made a miraculous recovery. Hold off on buying that champers-fuelled jetpack just for a moment though, as Stephen Bourke looks into the housing crisis that is still very much in existence.   The great big Bank of Ireland ad on Manor Street says something like, “I thought I’d be renting for the rest of my … Read More

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[Flash Fiction] Miley’s Purgatory

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Humour, Print Editionby John LeechLeave a Comment

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Miley from Glenroe dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. He’s met by St Peter who offers him a fat bowl of DMT straight from the inside of Salvadore Dali’s skull. Intrigued? Read on gentle reader…   Wasn’t it that Prince Valiant fellah that once said “To die would be a great adventure”? Well I can tell ya one thing, it was … Read More