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The Price We Pay

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Ronan Burtenshaw examines the State of the Nation for Ireland’s youth. From internships to precarious employment, what is the reality behind the figures? Young people in the West increasingly find themselves with worse standards of living and career prospects than their parents. But is there really a crisis of young people here and abroad? And, if so, why? Unite economist Michael Taft puts it strongly, “don’t be under any illusions. … Read More

Enda’s Vision, horse manure and forks for all

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Here we go again. Harry’s Restaurant in Inishowen, Co.Donegal are offering one lucky graduate an internship in growing vegetables (at no cost to themselves). The fortunate candidate will receive €50 on top of their dole (although may lose other benefits) and be removed from the Live Register. Skill Requirements: Must like working outdoors in the pissing rain. That’ll be Noonan’s Trickle-Down Economy right there.

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Gary Redmond look out for ice picks

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The Union of Students Ireland today released a statement calling for JobBridge to be dismantled. ‘A day’s work for a day’s pay, and real opportunities for young people- End this nonsense now.’ rabble seems to remember coming up against the USI over the years as we’ve consistently attacked the unfairness and malicious use of JobBridge to further unemployment, reduce wages and debase working standards. However, a quick search on the … Read More

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Profiting from the most vulnerable

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  Why would a company that recently posted gross profits of €14m need to hire JobBridge staff at the expense of the taxpayer? In a current JobBridge placement (here) Giraffe is looking for 9 Childcare Assistants to fill 6 month ‘internships’. No experience, no mention of Garda vetting and no qualifications beyond a pass Leaving Cert or equivalent. The company which should be reeling following the RTÉ Prime Time investigates … Read More

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Yuff Guarantee

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  Labour and other European ‘socialists’ are marketing a new campaign to get *5.8/5.7/5.5million young people into work (*different numbers from their own stats) We presume this is the happy-clappy, stop-motion way of telling you to get into JobBridge or fuck off to Australia. By the way, the lad in the video is supposed to represent an under-25 European. Sake.

‘Can I just say…’ – Joan Burton meets Fundalk

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  What happened when Joan Burton met the people of Dundalk at a jobs fair in the local shopping centre…surprisingly she wasn’t handing out emigration advice but she got shown the door. Is the message getting through we wonder? EDIT: Following this story Labour’s bad boy Colm Keaveney came out in praise of Burton calling the protestors ‘neanderthals’ via his twitter account. When taken to task by the twittersphere he … Read More

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{Job Bridge} Talking Union: The Fear Of Exploitation.

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As the mess that is the state’s employment strategy becomes clear James Redmond talks to the unions about the rot at the centre of the scheme. The real lambs to the slaughter here are recent graduates. So where does the Union Of Students stand? They have a huge problem understanding themselves as workers, and with their membership of IBEC, we really weren’t expecting much from them. If you ever paid … Read More