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Scratch That Itch.

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Above: Patrick O’Brien captures the masked hip-hop crusader in his natural enviroment. From co-founding Galway’s Community Skratch games, being a member of the Vince McMahon scratch super-group to making some seriously innovative music as one half of one man duo Deviant and Naïve Ted, Andy Connolly has been a cornerstone of Irish hip-hop and electronica for over a decade. Martin Leen took the brave step and left Dublin for the … Read More

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Calling All Ranters.

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The good folk at the Limerick Spring Festival are setting up a speakers corner at Body & Soul next weekend in one of the areas called The Library of Progress. It could always make an ideal dumping ground for that friend that’s overly fond of mixing chemical acclerants with Buckfast and can’t stop chewing the ear off ya. Here’s what they have to say for themselves: “Now is your chance to … Read More

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We Live In Limerick.

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Some sci-fi referencing subversives struck in Limerick city earlier in the week. Unused Adshel boxes were taken over to beam out a series of posters using imagery nodding to the 1980’s classic b-movie They Live. Paul Tarpey sent us the above batch of photographs and reported that: “Some neglected adshells in Limerick recieved a high end make over referencing the film They Live for a consumerist commentary on public space. The … Read More

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Put A Limerick Spring In Your Step.

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  Festivals aren’t all about sleeping in a damp tent while young lads bludgeon the nearest wheelie bin to the rhythm of their own crazed coke bender. You could be talking citizenship and activism, looking at documentaries and arguing over the politics of food. Rashers Tierney caught up with Jennifer Moroney Ward about one such buzz down in Limerick next weekend. So, tell me about the Limerick Spring, what’s it all about, where did … Read More

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Paying The Sweat Equity

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Since we last reported, Limerick’s City of Culture successfully dealt with its teething problems. Paul Tarpey updates us on how it demonstrated an inclusive and city-wide approach to the arts. In the beginning the worries were structural. Could the 109 projects be delivered? Before he resigned, artistic director Karl Wallace had pulled together a mix of citizen projects, art driven works and spectacles that were designed to interact with each … Read More

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#rabbleChoons: Surface Tension.

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Surface Tension by MuRli This landed in our inbox a few days ago and has been earworming us ever since. Another blistering release from Limerick’s hiphoppywotyoucallit scene – strong on beats and lyrically sharp. Murli could well be familiar to you from stepping up on the mic with God Knows  and mynameisjOhn at any number of gigs over the past year. He also appeared on the Rusangano/Family release late last … Read More

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The More Things Change…

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    My Name is Saoirse is set in 1980s Limerick and is a dark comedy about shifting, peanuts and abortion. Director Hildegard Ryan and writer/performer Eva O’Connor chatted to Rashers Tierney about how the religious orders still need to loosen their vampiric grip on our schools and of course their play, which was our hands down favorite at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. Can you tell me something about … Read More

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Win Tickets To Prima Volta In Limerick!

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What’ll we be at tonight? Oh fuming really that we can’t get down to Limerick for the Prima Volta weekend as it kicks off tonight with a right fucking ruckus of a line up. You see, like a bunch of lamps we’ve landed ourselves a print deadline and won’t be hitting it up til Saturday night. Yes, it means we’ll be missing the full on 160 BPM assault of Stray … Read More

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Limerick’s Prima Volta Weekend.

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Despite a rough early start, Limerick’s City Of Culture continues to ratchet up rakes of class events. This early October weekender could be just the medicine to stave off early winter blues with a weekend long mad one. Friday opens up with Manchester club Hoya: Hoya leading a take over of Dolans Warehouse with hapes of their residents in tow. Stray is known for operating deep in the folds of … Read More

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Limerick Makes A Move.

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There’s far more to hip-hop in Limerick than the Rubberbandit’s codology. It’s roots run deep. Rashers Tierney had a very late night chat with Shane Curtain, he’s the chair of Make A Move – a community arts festival that you should really mark on your calendar. Some of the other rabblers were down at Make A Move last year.  Reports were good. Can you give us the low down on … Read More