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Limerick Celebrates Its Counter-Culturalistas.

In Blog, Culture, Musicby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Making the Cut looks at the legacy of counter-cultural youth and those that dared to break with conformity in Limerick City during the heady late sixties and early seventies. It takes place as part of a whole raft of events under the EVA International 2014 banner, an art event dancing around the term ‘agitationism’ as a thematic pivot.  Making the Cut jumps back to look at how the global sixties counter culture rubbed off … Read More

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A Bridge Too Far

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn4 Comments

The Shannon Bridge in Limerick is to be renamed the JFK Bridge following a controversial vote by Limerick City Council. A new petition is looking for it to be renamed after a local man. The renaming attracted just 51 signatures of support from constituents of the sometimes Independent sometimes Fine Gael councillor Pat Kennedy. In contrast, following a campaign that attracted over 10,000 supporting signatures and great local support, the … Read More

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#lookUp: The Limerick Go-Go Club

In #rabble7, Culture, History, Print Editionby Paul Tarpey1 Comment

 In Limerick The Post Office Lane passageway is one of the arteries in which trade coursed through the i9th century City. Over decades the paths have settled into anonymity as the storehouses they once serviced disappeared. Paul Tarpey explores one of the dramatic and quietly significant stories they hold.   One well known one surrounds the famed Hanging Gardens, adjacent to the lane from Henry St. This was an exotic … Read More

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Never Talk Cheap

In #rabble3, Culture, History, Politics, Print Editionby Paul Tarpey2 Comments

For its February ‘Reality Bites’ series RTE showed a documentary on Ireland’s Rappers that hurled a version of Irish rap into the laps of the licence holders countrywide. Viewing figures for it were good but not as good as a rival station repeat show on gangland Ireland. RTE also focused on the so-called working class side of things. The resulting look at “a highly creative and dedicated subculture’’ was not welcomed outright either inside or outside the portrayed community. Paul Tarpey digs deep.