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Rave Against The Machine.

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Photographer Matthew Smith’s Exist To Resist documents the history of activism and having it in the years before and after the infamous Criminal Justice Act of 1994. This was a cunning piece of legislation designed to wipe out rave culture in the UK. The project smashed through its initial ask on Kickstarter by doubling its target.  This isn’t another huckster making dollar off memory- it’s a sharp reminder of what … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Dragana Jurisic

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Glimpses Of A Lost World   Dragana Jurisic’s journey as a photographer began when her family apartment was consumed with fire, taking with it her father’s output as a die hard amateur photographer. She was left with nothing but fleeting memories of her childhood in war torn Yugoslavia. She speaks of how “on that day I became one of those ‘refugees’ with no photographs, with no past. Indeed, my memories … Read More

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A Visit To Calais.

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Photographer Cassy Paris collected money to purchase sanitary products for women in the Calais camp. She posted the following account on social media.   “I think that the running theme that seems to come out of a visit to Calais’ sprawling new jungle migrant camp is that its a place that verges on being inexplicable in words alone. I consider myself to be a really strong person emotionally and yet my … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Picnic Pictures.

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Wally Cassidy sent us a few phone snaps from Electric Picnic including shots of Rubber Bandits, La Galaxie and the Manic Street Preachers. Check out Wally’s photography on his Facebook page and keep an eye out for his Electric Picnic album (when he gets home!).

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Rossport Residents Reflect On Resistance.

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An upcoming exhibition of photography and oral testimony sets out to probe the Corrib gas dispute. It’s organised around the question “If I Could Say One Thing To Other Communities…” and features Rossport residents delivering sage like advice. Rashers Tierney previewed the panels and caught up with some of the organisers.   The research is based on your own academic work. Can you give us some background on that and how you came to distill it … Read More

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#spareChange: Everybody’s Free.

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Yowser, it’s been 20 years since the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act in the UK. The act which spawned Reclaim The Streets and that classic Prodigy inner sleeve that sowed huge curiosity in culchie eight year olds like me. What better way to commemorate the anarchic spirit of that scene than highlighting how the flame it lit has passed on. Four years ago journalists piped up about he return of … Read More

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47 Candid Cameras.

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  Between the Vivian Maier  documentary in the IFI this month, the launch of Wally Cassady’s latest book and this lad here: it seems we really can’t get enough of people taking sneaky snaps. Well, as long as it’s not us in the frame. The people putting this new exhibition of Irish street photographers together uploaded  a sweet little video of  all the nail hammering, wobbly frame fixing and dusting that’s needed … Read More

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#rabbleEye: A Taste Of Home.

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Tony Kane is a photographer, originally from Kilbarrack, and last June he returned from spending 9 months in Palestine. Himself and some fellow artists have set up the Bare Collective and their first collaboration is featured in this year’s Photo Ireland festival. The exhibition includes a short video documentary by Kieran Quigley and Mark Ponisi. Where Tony chats candidly about how his stay in Palestine impacted both his work as a photographer and his … Read More

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Back In The Day.

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  Interested in the origins of hip hop culture, fashion and street photography? Then this is for you. As a young man, Jamel Shabazz documented the street style immortalized in early hip hop. His website is chockerblock with vintage shots of Brooklyn hood life.  It’s a bit slow loading, but worth a look. Talking about the sort of folk he put on film, Fab Five Freddy said: These were the heroes, these … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Man On Bridge

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In issue 8 we look at Dublin’s newest photography project – ManonBridge is crowd sourcing decades of one photographer’s lost work. Martin Ryan bought a couple of unwanted cameras for a quid at O’Reilly’s Auctions. He realised there was a film jammed in one of them and after two days he managed to recover it. “I developed them and faint images started appearing. How do you describe something that’s been … Read More